#COYER is now over :(

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Is it really over?! I just can’t believe that we’re already this far into September! I have TWO amazing co-hosts that kept things running and maybe you didn’t even notice I was kind of missing? Kim who does all out rules and posts for COYER otherwise if I didn’t it nothing would make sense. And Stormi has been a brilliant addition to the team. She’s so good at being there and a big presents in the COYER Group keeping everyone chatting!!!

How I did

I didn’t do as bad as I thought I would, this COYER I have read 16 books, which is more than I have ever read for any other COYER so I am very proud of myself.

How’d you do? Did you make your goals?


Well you all did it!! I don’t know if you remember, but we challenged you to see if we could be last times total of 658 reviews. You totally blew that out of the water. In fact, we have a new record!!!! The highest ever reviews WAS 719 reviews. But y’all blew that out of the water too! You ready for it?

You all read & reviewed an amazing 884 books this summer! Give yourselves a round of applause! I’m even more blown away knowing that there are more books that were read that never made it into the review linky (I never put any of mine in)

As we ALWAYS tell you, we’re all winnners… but let’s give a drum roll for the grand prize winners!

Drum Roll….

Winner of the COYER Review Linky (using random.org): Entry #539 Audrey @ Ink and Page’s Review of Bulied Kids Speak Out

Winner of the Scavenger Hunt: Holli @ Goodreads

Winner of Super Supportive Participant: JenniferK

Congratulations to all the winners! You’ll be hearing from myself, Michelle, or Stormi shortly with details about your giftcards!

We also have one final social media winner! Jacque S. Please email coyerchallenge@gmail.com so we can send you the link to the prizes!

To all our winners – and there’s been a LOT of them this summer with all the social media prizes, twitter party prizes, and read-a-thon prizes – please give us a little bit to sort out shipping. We’ll get your prizes out within the next two weeks.

Moving Forward

COYER has been reinvented so many times and we just love all the twists and turns we’ve thrown at you. But we’ve had so many new participants that we’ve decided this winter we’re going to go back to the basics! I’m really excited to get back to the heart of what COYER was all about – reading those neglected freebies and review books. Of course, we’ll still have all the social media fun. Be sure to stay tuned for sign up details…

Stay in the Know

The best way to not miss any updates about future COYER events is probably to stalk My blog, Stormi’s Blog or Berl’s Blog.

But, even then, you might miss a post. So, be sure you’ve signed up for our email list. This will not be spam, We’ll send an email when we post about the next COYER until then you won’t hear from us. Subscribe here and be sure to add us to your safe senders list, these emails like to go to spam folders.

Another good way to keep informed in the COYER Facebook Group. We’ll keep this open and feel free to keep chatting! It’s been lots of fun getting to know everyone there. If you haven’t joined the Facebook group yet, please do! If you have any trouble just shoot us a message with the email you use for FB and we’ll invite you to the group.

Did You Do A Wrap Up Post?

You’re not required to a wrap up post by any means, but I know many of you do and I’m thinking that I could easily miss some of them. So, for purely selfish reasons, I decided to create a linky real quick where you can enter your wrap up posts. This way I won’t miss them and the rest of the COYER participants can find them easily too.

[inlinkz_linkup id=561216 mode=1]

Thanks for joining us! Can’t wait for next time!

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5 responses to “#COYER is now over :(

  1. I like thinking that we’re all winners when we participate in COYER, Michelle. That’s so true! You, Berls, and Stormi did such an amazing job with this entire event. Thank you so much for creating and hosting it. And helping me clean off digital as well as physical book shelves. 😉 I can’t wait for COYER Winter!!

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: #COYER Review ~ On the Record ~ KA Linde
  2. I made all my goals, although I still had hoped to read even more. Wow that’s neat that we reached a new total for reviews linked up, maybe also because there are new participants every time?
    I am sad Coyer is over, but I am already looking forward to the winter coyer! It will be nice to get back to the basics in winter, although I do like the freedom and scavenger hunt from this summer as well. You all did a great job hosting Coyer!