Currently I’m…. #1

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  • The Creeping Shadow (Lockwood & Co. #4) by Jonathan Stroud


  • Fallout Shelter on my iPad
  • Disney Kingdoms on my iPad
  • Dragonvale on my iPad


  • Season 6 of Bones…again


  • to stay positive now matter how I feel
  • to drink more water a day


  • Lots of Pasta Salads because my family loved them
  • More in the crock pot


  • Bai Coconut Water…I’m obsessed
  • Wine…lots of Wine


  • Lots of brainstorming
  • Menu Planning
  • Designs


  • walking when the weather gets nicer
  • Hiking in the spring


  • the idea of warmer weather
  • the window open
  • the sound of a happy son


  • the weather keeps changing and I can’t shake the sniffles
  • we can’t go to the shore until Memorial weekend


  • Now recipes to cook for dinner
  • a lot about myself
  • all the ins and outs of websites


  • the view
  • my family
  • the idea of fresh vegetables in the spring


  • of all they ways I can better myself
  • I need to take a break soon


  • like I am good enough at what I do
  • like I need to take a break soon 😉

Hoping (for)…

  • change
  • more clients

Listening to…

  • The Binding of Isaac Soundtrack
  • The Elder Scrolls Soundtrack


  • that Wrestlemania is only 4 weeks away
  • St Patrick’s Day on the 13th


  • moving
  • redoing the house


What are you currently?

Have a great day!


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11 responses to “Currently I’m…. #1

  1. This is fun. Considering moving huh? To Texas right? I should really stop pushing that, seeing as with all the immigration reform there’s a decent chance I’ll be leaving the country to stay with my husband sometime during the next 4 years. *sigh* {{HUGS}}

    • Florida…my husband is set on Florida. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that but right now I totally understand (((hugs))))

  2. Dragonvale. 🙂 I kinda like that game (finally tried it!!). Pasta salads are good, I don’t eat enough of those. 🙂 And crockpot food- yum.

    I agree about fresh vegetables. One of the best parts of spring. Funny as a kid I hated vegetables, now I look forward to them? It’s weird being an adult.

    The Elder Scrolls… I always wanted to play one of those games, maybe Skyrim…

    • I have been playing Dragonvale forever lol. I love my dragons.
      My family can eat pasta salad every day. Crock pot food is fun, I just can’t do mexican so its hard to find recipes for it.

      I am a big fan of fresh vegetables. My daughter loves them too, When I was a kid I liked fruit a lot more than I do now.

      I would love to plan The Elder Scrolls, I wish I would have realized how awesome these games were.

  3. I really want to keep going with Lockwood and Company. I read the first awhile ago and keep meaning to go back and read more of the series but haven’t yet. You have so much going on between websites and family and wow thinking about moving!

    Katherine recently posted: The Fives!