How does my garden grow? I can’t wait for Tomatoes!

Posted May 17, 2018 by Michelle in Features / 4 Comments

I remembered how much I love watching a garden grow, I loved checking it everyday to see if anything was ready to eat, I loved having the options of running downstairs and grabbing a few things from the garden for dinner. So after a couple of years of not being able to do one. I am back to growing a garden and I can’t wait.

This weekend May 19th, I will be getting my garden ready for the summer months. So once again I have decided to do some updates on the garden as it grows, so we can watch it grow together. Quick history, I live on my grandparents old house. My great-grandfather used to live here also and had a garden in the backyard. It’s a small garden space but the soil is filled with something that makes the garden grown like crazy. Back in the day they used to have horse-drawn carriages that would bring fresh fruit, milk, detergent, etc. When the horse would poop, my grandfather would shovel it up and put it in the soil. Plus fish heads and others natural soil enhancers. So my soil is pretty rocking. I haven’t done any of that in years and usually get someone to till the garden and I add Miracle Grow to the soil and turn over.

This year I am keeping the garden rather simple. I used to grow a bunch of stuff but since the area is so small, some of the plants tend to take over the garden and last few times my zucchini plants were HUGE but never produced any actual vegetables. So this year I plan to grown, Tomatoes and Peppers. I want to plant a variety of different types. I also want to see if I can find small containers that I can grow Basil, Parsley, Mint and Oregano.

I will have pictures once the garden is all set up. I am really excited about doing it and can’t wait to bite into a juicy tomato. I will have another update next week!

Are you planning to plant a garden this year? What veggies do you love from the garden?

Have a great week and Happy Gardening!


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4 responses to “How does my garden grow? I can’t wait for Tomatoes!

  1. Because I got to it late as it was to cold to plant I am just doing a simple garden as well. Right now I have some tomato plants and jalapeno plants but hope to get some bell peppers out. Then plant some lettuce and radishes for salads. 🙂 Got to start trying to eat some of that rabbit food aka healthy stuff. 🙂

  2. There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes! I’m not doing a garden this year which makes me a little sad. The weather hasn’t cooperated the last couple of years and I just haven’t been feeling it. I’m already kind of regretting that decision! Can’t wait to see your updates.