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Perfect book to start October.
Make you want to keep the lights on.
Plus it sticks with you long after you are finished reading
So Good it’s Scary!!!

Fractured (Mirrorland #1)

by Majanka Verstraete

Published September 19th 2013

Inkspell Publising 

YA Parnaormal

When Piper discovers an old antique mirror on the attic of her new home, she has no idea what terror she unlocked.

Eerie shadows lurking in the night and estranged voices crying out for help are only the beginning. As Piper’s world comes crumbling down, she realizes everything that she believed was imaginary, might have been real all along.

Something is very wrong with that mirror. And if she doesn’t find out what, the mirror might end up killing her.

With some help of old and new friends, Piper tries to get to the bottom of the mystery. One thing is for certain: the mirror preys on the guilty.  

But what exactly is she guilty of? 

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My Review

You might want to sleep with the lights on or maybe you might want to remove all the mirrors from your house. Fractured by Majanka Verstraete is the kind of book that makes you think about doing both. Mirrors creep me out I always avoid them when I am in the dark. They are like gateways to another world or I’m always scared when I turn the lights on someone will be standing behind me (yes I sound like a crazy person but they really freak me out) I was a bit jumpy (as you can tell) when reading this but it was a good kind of scary.

Piper and her mom move into a new house and while she is checking out the attic she comes across an old mirror. Once she hangs the mirror in her house strange things start to happen. She tries to find out the history of the mirror and the house and what she turns up will change her forever.

I want to say I knew what was going to happen but I didn’t. This book had so many twists and turns it was FANTASTIC. I really loved the characters and the vagueness that was involved really worked so well that some stuff that happened I didn’t see coming. The story kept me reading I never hit a slow spot and the story climbed right from the beginning. Really kept me reading way past my bedtime. I was shocked how it ended and only makes me want to read the next one even more. I had to make this review short because I can’t think of what to say that wont give away any of the awesome details.

I gave this book 4 stars. Totally recommend to anyone who likes classic horror movies, why do I say that? Totally reminds me of one. You know the ones you sat around with your friends and got a bit freaked out but just laughed it off then later when you are by yourself you can’t stop thinking about it and now in a total panic? Well this is that kind of book. I honestly can’t wait for the next one. I had so many questions left over and I am just dying to find out what happens!!!


About the Author
Majanka Verstraete is a twenty-two-year old Belgian law school student. Writing is her passion, and has been ever since she learned how to read.

She writes about all things supernatural for children of all ages. She’s tried to write contemporary novels before, but something paranormal always manages to crawl in.

Her debut picture book, Valentina and the Haunted Mansion, released on May 20th, 2013. She has four books coming up in September 2013. The first is another picture book in the Valentina’s Spooky Adventures series, titled Valentina and the Whackadoodle Witch. Then there’s the first two books of her debut chapter book series titled Weirdville, The Doll Maker and House of Horrors. Her debut young adult novel, Fractured, the first book in the Mirrorland series, will release in September as well.

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5 responses to “Review ~ Fractured by Majanka Verstraete

    • I really reminded me of one of those B-Horror Movies that are ok when you watch them but creep you out after you are done watching.
      My daughter would tap me on the shoulder while I was reading and scare the crap out of me LOL