#COYER Going Back to Basics! Starts TODAY!

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Ready… Set… COYER!!!

It’s time to get Back to Basics with COYER! Are you ready? We are!! If you haven’t signed up yet or a bit fuzzy on the rules, check out the sign up post. You can sign up until January 25th, 2016.

Calendar of Back to Basics Fun

Even though we’re going to back to basics and things are much simpler than last COYER, we still have plenty of fun planned for you. So mark you calendars so you won’t miss anything!

Twitter Parties

We have 4 Twitter parties scheduled. Here’s the schedule, so mark your calendars! They are always on the weekend, and always at 4pm EST. Oh yeah, and there will be prizes!

  • Sunday 1/2 @ 4pm EST
  • Sunday 1/24
  • Saturday 2/13
  • Saturday 2/27

We’ll be using #COYER for the twitter parties and please use it throughout to tweet reading progress and reviews!

Facebook Fun

The COYER Facebook group has become quite the amazing community both during and outside of COYER, so if you haven’t joined yet please do! it’s a huge part of the fun! We’ll have weekly social media prizes based on participation on these 7 weekly Facebook activities (increased to daily activities based on your feedback):

  • Monday Motivation: Tell us what you’re planning to read this week!
  • Teaser Tuesday: We’ll jump on with the Teaser Tuesday memes idea, give us a 1 to 2 sentence tease from your current read.
  • Who Are You? Wednesday: Pick a character from your current book that you’d like to be (or would hate to be).
  • What’s Your Favorite ______? Thursday: we’ve decided to move on from Tag You’re it… but this will still be a question to the group about something besides books. Each week, either Stormi, Michelle or Berls will ask what’s your favorite _____? and we’ll fill in the blank with something we want to know about. Another chance to get to know everyone a bit better!
  • TGIF!: Tell us what you actually read this week!
  • Make A Connection Saturday: We’ll be making book chains with Make a Connection! Michelle, Stormi or Berls will post a book that we’re reading and you have to find a way to connect the book you’re reading. For example, I’m listening to Molly Harper’s Snow Falling on Bluegrass, read by Amanda Ronconi. If you were reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon you could connect next (they connect on the word SNOW in the title). The next person might connect to you because they were reading Bitter Night by Diana Pharaoh Francis (They connect because of the author named Diana). And so on. Let’s get creative with our connections and see how long we can make these chains!
  • I Spy Sunday: Berls’s time in Kindergarten influenced this game! Berls, Stormi, or Michelle will post an I spy question and everyone has to scramble to find a book that meets the criteria. You don’t have to be reading the book, just find it and post it. It could be as simple as “I Spy a book with a red cover” to “I spy a book with a pixie, a witch, and a vampire living in a church.” We will have a book in mind when we post, but the fun is seeing all the book’s you all come up with.

We’ll announce winners each week at one of our blogs in a weekly COYER Update!


COYER Photo challenge is back for winter! This time it will be the entire month of February. We’ll share the list of photo challenges the last week of January.

The Grand Prizes

Even though we know we’re all in the for the fun, not the prizes, it sure is fun to win stuff right? On top of the weekly social media prizes and twitter party prizes we’ll have (3) $10 gift cards to Amazon or Barnes & Noble up for grabs at the end. Here’s how you win…

Note: Because we’ll be giving away so much during COYER (not just these three grand-prize giveaways), we won’t be mailing any prizes until COYER is over. Only eBook prizes will be sent during the event.

This is the heart of COYER, especially since we’re going Back to Basics. I’m curious to see if we can beat last times total of 884 reviews. I think we can! Read a book, review it, link the review. Three winners will be randomly selected from the review linky, so everytime you review a book you increase your chances of winning. The giveaway, as all COYER giveaways, is open Internationally. We will be monitoring links to make sure they link DIRECTLY to reviews (on blogs, Goodreads, etc.).

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Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Post questions below or in the facebook group and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If you want to ask your question via email please direct it to the official COYER email address: coyerchallenge@gmail.com

Thanks for getting Back to Basics with us!
Let’s have an amazing time Cleaning out those eReads!

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