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Winter 2014-2015 COYER Sign Ups
The Clean Out Your E-Reads Challenge is hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading.

It’s time! It’s time! running around flailing arms It’s time for Winter 2014-2015 COYER Signups! You know Berls and I have all kinds of surprises for you and we’re so excited to share the details! It’s become quite the event, so…. You ready?

Winter 2014-2015 COYER

After COYER Summer Vacation, we decided that the longer length really worked great for COYER. So Winter 2014-2015 COYER will run Saturday, December 20th 2014 to Friday, March 6th 2015. Signups will be open from today through Sunday, January 25th.


  • To sign up, announce your participation with a blog post (or if you don’t have a blog – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Booklikes, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc.)
  • Then link that post (not just your blog homepage) to the linky below. This is like what we did for COYER Summer Vacation. If you want to list books you would like to read, that’s great, but not necessary. The point is to let us know you’re committed to COYER, maybe share some goals, and help us spread the word.
  • We’ve decided to add a referral competition! When you fill out the linky, you’ll notice a spot to write in the name of whoever referred you. The person who refers the most people by the sign-up cut off date (January 25th 2015) will win a $5 Amazon gift card.
  • Not sure how to do your post? Check out this example!

The Rules

  • Read Your E-Reads! Every book you read must be in an electronic format – meaning E-Book or Audiobook. It’s okay to start a book before December 20th, but for it to count you must finish & review it during COYER.
  • The books must be FREE or NEARLY FREE!This includes library books, review books, tour books, NetGalley, Edelweiss, etc. What’s nearly free? Since it was brought to our attention that books cost different depending on your market, here’s the maximum price in the main markets. Also, since audiobooks are considerably expensive generally, we’re looking at the average price for an audiobook purchased with an Audible Credit.
  • Maximum E-Book Prices

    US dollar $2.99
    Canadian dollar $3.26
    British pound £1.78
    European euro €2.68
    Australian dollar $3.20
    Japanese yen ¥ 306

    Maximum Audiobook Price

    US dollar $16.00
    Canadian dollar $18.00
    British pound £10.00
    European euro €12.89
    Australian dollar $18.50
    Japanese yen ¥1837

    Note: If you buy from these markets regularly and feel we’re way off, let us know! We did our best, but could be off!

  • Review & Link Reviews! Your review may be on your blog, Goodreads, Shelfari, Booklikes, etc. Link the review to the Review Linky (we will share this December 20th). We will randomly pick TWO review links to win a $10 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. All links must be entered by March 6, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • Visit Each Other, Chat & Have Fun!

Other Fun

We had so much fun during COYER Summer Vacation adding other activities to the challenge – and based on the end of event survey, y’all enjoyed it too – so we’ve got a bunch of activities to keep all connected scheduled! Participation in all these other activities is not required and will have separate prizes!


All COYER Read-a-thons will have their own prize and are open to anyone who wants to sign up, even if they’re not doing COYER. Here’s what we’ve scheduled. Signups for all Read-a-thons will open December 20th. All books for Read-a-thons must meet COYER requirements.

  • New Year’s Read-a-thon: Join us January 1st – January 4th to kickoff the New Year with authors, narrators, or series that are new-to-you. Sign up closes December 31st.
  • Dusting off the Shelf Read-a-thon: From January 12th – January 16th find the oldest UNREAD ebook or Audiobook you own and clean it off your shelf. Finish it? DNF it? Move to the next oldest! Sign up closes January 11th.
  • Scavenger Hunt Read-a-thon: Hunt your shelves January 25th to February 8th and see how many points you can earn! We’ll send out an official list of items January 21st to everyone signed up, so sign up will close January 20th.
  • Be My Valentine Read-a-thon: Love will be in the air! Find your romance themed books – or if you’re feeling unromantic, your horror books – for this read-a-thon February 12th -16th. Sign up will close February 11th.
  • Next in the Series Read-a-thon: Did you start a series and then never return to it? Well February 26th – February 28th is your chance! Sign up will close February 25th.


We asked you at the end of COYER Summer Vacation if you’d like to see some mini-challenges and the answer was almost unanimously yes! If you’re interested in hosting a mini-challenge, please email – even if you’re not sure what’s involved or that you can do it, we can chat about it and see if it would work for you. If you already submitted your information in the end of event survey, check your email. You have a message 🙂 We will release the schedule of mini-challenges on December 20th.

Twitter Parties

We’ll have two Twitter Parties to chat during the event, using #COYER. These are always so fun and there will be prizes! Mark your calendars for 4pm EST Saturday January 24th and Sunday March 1st!

Social Media Fun

With all that we have going on Berls and I sometimes struggle to keep up with the social media side of things. So when Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh My! Offered to help, we knew this was where we’d need help! So we’d like to welcome Stormi to the team as our Social Media Guru! She’ll be helping out with the Facebook group (join here!) and with Twitter (#COYER). Beyond basic conversations, we’ll be playing the same games as last time – with a few modifications. We’ll let Stormi give you the details December 20th- but be sure to join the FB Group – we have so much fun!

A Note About Giveaways

There will be A LOT of giveaways – Read-a-thons, Mini-challenges, Social Media Fun, Twitter Parties – and it’s a lot to keep organized. So, for the sake of our sanity – we will ship all prizes THE WEEK FOLLOWING the conclusion of the event. It is possible to win more than one prize and all giveaways are open internationally. We appreciate your patience 🙂

Sign Up… Finally!

Phew! That was a lot of information!! But we’ve finally come to the part where you sign up! Remember, you need to make a post (check out this example) and you can link to that. Also don’t forget there’s a referral competition – tell people to sign up and say you sent them.

And here’s a button you can use (made by me!) for your posts:

Because Reading Is better than real life


Hope you will be joining us!


About Michelle

I am a mom to two pretty amazing kids, four pretty cute fluffy children and a wife to one adorable husband. I am a gamer, reader and a graphic designer with 20 years experience. I recently started my own business "Limabean Designs" to help other bloggers, authors and anyone else create amazing things that they would be proud to show off. I have been reading since forever and started blogging because I love sharing all the awesome books this world has to offer. I am also the co-host for the COYER Challenge, Reading Assignment Challenge and the Bookish Resolutions Challenge. I try to create a warm welcoming environment on my blog where authors, readers, and bloggers will have a great time. Let’s chat books, games, blogging, recipes, design, or family over a cup of coffee and a glass of wine!



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21 responses to “It BEGINS! Sign Up for #COYER Challenge

  1. So excited for COYER! Planning to finish off my first book tonight. I’m pretty new to the whole book blogging thing and have never participated in a reading challenge like this before. So I was just wondering how do we go about updating our progress? Do we do it over twitter or make posts on our blog? I’m assuming it’s all up to personal preference but does anyone have any tips on this? Thanks so much!

  2. I’ve signed up! Looking forward to getting started.

    But Michelle, for some reason I can’t get the button to work in my widget bar. Instead of showing the picture, I just get this:


    I’m not good enough at coding to know where the error is, if there is one. I’m copying and pasting the button code in its entirety directly into my widget, which has always worked before…

    (picture me looking flummoxed)

    Lark recently posted: COYER Goals
  3. I am so excited to be a part of COYER and helping with the Social Media aspects! Thanks for letting me help, I hope I don’t screw things all I am really looking forward to the read-a-thons they sound cool, especially the scavenger hunt one! 🙂

    Stormi recently posted: Winter COYER goal post!!
  4. I’ll be joining for sure! Just have to make my sign-up post. I am planning to put my sign-up post live on 19 or 20 December as I prefer to have the goal post right before the start of the challenge, I hope that’s okay. Just wanted to let you know I am joining even though my actual sign-up post won’t be added to the linky until later.

    And the restrictions of only reading free or cheap books totally works for me, I still have a bunch of review books I want to get read.

    Lola recently posted: Read Play Blog #4
      • I am so happy to be joining again :). I just made my goal post and scheduled it for 19 December, another good thing about that is that it counts towards Blog Ahead ;). One of my goals is to join a read-a-thon, as I never participated in one so far.

        Lola recently posted: Read Play Blog #4
  5. YES!!! I am beyond excited! I love these rules! Although they do still leave me a lot of book choices, since I never pay more than $2.99 for an ebook anyway. Hooray!

    The Scavenger Hunt Readathon sounds super duper fun! I can’t wait! 😀

    Angie F. recently posted: Chick Flick Friday: 27 Dresses
    • I am beyond excited that you are beyond excited lol. I have TONS of under $2.99 so this will be a HUGE help for me too and I plan to kick ass this time around because summer I kind of sucked 🙂

      OMG the Scavenger Hunt looks like so much fun, I can’t wait for it either!!!

      Limabean74 recently posted: A Month of Giving Thanks ~ Day #15