Monster and Book Guest Post ~ Mermaids with Lola

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A Monster and Book

I had an idea of doing a Guest Post during the month of October
so I asked a few of my friends from COYER what their favorite Monster is (some aren’t really scary)
and what book they read that they loved that associated with the Monster they picked.
The answers are great and the recommendation are even better! Enjoy!


The Monster

Why the mermaid/ siren is one of my favourite monsters!

If asked what my favourite monster is I would probably say the shapeshifter or werewolf, but the mermaid or siren is a close second. Ever since I was a kid I liked mermaids, the Disney movie The Little Mermaid was one of my favourite Disney movies. There was also another mermaid movie I used to watch a lot as a kid, but I don’t remember the name.

jss_underthesea_mermaid 2

I think what I like most about mermaids is the combination of half fish and half human that appeals to me. There aren’t fully human or fish, but a bit of both. And that half human body with a big tail, looks awesome. Then they have the freedom to go where they want in the water, but at the same time they are fish enough that they can’t walk on land, unless they can get transformed into a human. I also like how they can look pretty, but how tales of mermaids often have a darker side as well and how they are known to lure fisherman to their death with their song. How they can be good, but also evil. I think mermaids are fascinating. And while in real life I wouldn’t dream of going deep underwater, I like exploring living underwater through books.

I haven’t read many books about mermaids so far, after stumbling upon a few mermaid books that didn’t quite do it for me, I didn’t read any of them for a long time. Most mermaid books that popped up over the last few years sounded good until the review started streaming in and none of them really caught my attention enough to give them a try. Then recently I read two very good mermaid stories and my interest for this creature/ monsters grew again. I bought the box set where the two stories I read are part of and now I have 12 more mermaid stories waiting to be read!

The Book

Okay let me tell you a bit more about the two mermaid books I recently read and why I enjoyed them.

How to be a Mermaid

The first is How to Be a Mermaid by Erin Hayes. It’s about a girl named Tara who dreams to be a mermaid. She has  a job as professional mermaid, where she performs in aquaria dressed as a mermaid, which is basically as close to her dream as she can get. And then slowly she begins to change into a real mermaid. What I enjoyed about this book was the original concept, I never heard about professional mermaids before and it was so fun to see her perform as a mermaid. And then when she slowly changes into a real mermaid and she get’s wants, it becomes obvious she might not want to be a mermaid. I thought the plot was done well and there’s a cast of great characters and a bit of romance thrown in as well. The world building surrounding the mermaids and what Tara is was very interesting.


The second mermaid book I read recently is Immersed (Immersed #1) by Katie Hayoz. Immersed is an awesome book that shows the darker side of mermaids/ sirens. Beside that it’s this awesome book that combines steampunk, paranormal, romance and historical elements and it was amazing how the author interwove all those genres. Set in a muddy Chicago the setting was described well, then there are all sort of monsters roaming around and characters like the main character, Melusine who hunts them. There is more to Melusine than you know at first and slowly you learn more about her and what happened years ago and why she keeps pushing away her rival, the charismatic Levi, while she actually does like him.

Both books are part of the Falling in Deep collection which is a whole collection dedicated to mermaids and other creatures of the deep.

Falling in Deep

You can see all the stories that are part of the collection here:

or you can buy the box set here:

About the Guest


Lola is a Blogger at Lola’s reviews
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Check out Lola’s reviews and Lola’s Kitchen is one of my favorite posts she features some really delicious looking recipes. I also enjoy her Lola’s Ramblings. Lola’s Reviews Blog has such a great mix there is always something for everyone. Stop by and check her out.


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23 responses to “Monster and Book Guest Post ~ Mermaids with Lola

    • I hope you get the chance to check these out. Both Immersed and How to be a Mermaid are part of the box set as well. I have read 4 stories form the box set so far and really enjoyed 3 of those. I really like mermaids, it’s a shame there aren’t as many books about them as some other paranormal creatures.

  1. I like mermaids and sirens too, although it’s hard to find some that aren’t all romancey sometimes LOL. Great post Lola! I think an anthology of mer stories would be very cool.

    A good book about sirens is Siren by Tricia Rayburn, from a few years ago. It’s a little creepy about men who wash ashore with smiles on their faces, and sirens who are nasty. It’s a trilogy but I’ve only read the first. It’s set in Maine and has atmosphere. Also Through the Door by Jodi McIsaac has mermaids in it, but they’re not the central focus. there is a cool battle though about halfway through between the emrmaids and some immortals.

    Greg recently posted: Bookcover Spotlight #19
    • The anthology is pretty fun so far, although I have read only 4 of the stories so far, There are some who don’t focus too much on the romance, although so far the ones I read all contain some romance.

      That siren book you mentioned sounds pretty creepy, not sure if it would be for me, although I also like the more darked siren stories. Immersed has a bit of a creepy siren myth too, with how they eat the tongue’s of their prey.

  2. I read a really great siren book last month. The review for it will be out in InD’tale’s November issue. 🙂 Other than that, I can’t remember reading any mermaid books. I’m sadly lacking in that aspect of the paranormal/supernatural, something I really should correct.

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: The Walking Dead: Book Eleven