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I wasn’t a big tea drinker and I usually just stuck with plain tea, I then started to drink more teas that were flavored and realized how much I love them. Last year I found a place that had the most amazing flavors of loose tea and my love for tea was born. Now I try and find all different flavors and types of tea. I thought it would be fun to pair some of those tea findings with books. That is how Afternoon Tea & Books was born. Every month I will share a Tea and books that I think compliments the Tea I share. Just something fun and different. Please feel free to share Teas if you are a hardcore tea drinker, I would love the suggestions.

Book Hangover by Riddle’s Book & Tea Co.

I recently found this company when I got a sample of tea in a book box. Riddle’s Book & Tea Co. has lots of bookish named Teas. I loved that this was a hazelnut flavor and was so happy that it was exactly what I had hoped. Nice hazelnut flavor, almost creamy like. Since this is black tea I like to put a splash of cream in it which gave it a little more creamy flavor. It is really good. This company doesn’t have an unlimited supply of teas so when they announce they have them you need to act quick to get the teas you want. While I am not a fan of that, I would for sure buy from them again if I am able to grab another tea. When I purchased this tea I also grabbed another so I would recommend grabbing as many as you can. Since this is my first time ordering from them I am not sure if they only make the flavors once or if they make them each time a new batch is put up. I hope not since I would love this tea again once I run out.

Info from Website 

Pyramid Bags $8.00
Type: Black
Hazelnut & Cream
10 Tea Bags; Vegan friendly; Contains caffeine;
Ingredients: Black tea, assam melody tea, ceylon sonata tea, natural hazelnut flavor & natural creme flavor with Irish breakfast, hazelnut, and cream.
This tea is currently SOLD OUT.

Books that gave me a serious Hangover!

Lets start with what exactly is a book hangover

Book hangover is the inability to start a new book because you are still living in the last book’s world, Book hangovers can also make you think about a book, the characters or the setting causing you to have a hard time functioning for a few days. Sometimes book hangovers can last days and even weeks, depending on the book. I haven’t had a lot of book hangovers but I have a few that I am happy to share.

Lifel1k3 messed me up quite a bit and actually ruined my 24 in 48 readathon because for two days I couldn’t get it out of my head. That ending blew me away and wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It was almost like the ending I have wanted in a book for a really long time and it was a cliffish hanger so that made it even worse. I also had a hard time getting back to real life, I kept having moments of trying to figure out if what I was thinking of happened in real life or in the book.  This is one of my favorite books.

Alone wasn’t a great book but that ending messed with my head for a few days. I actually had to read it at least 3 times after just to see if I could get rid of the WTF feeling I was having. This book was missing something throughout but the end totally had me hungover for a few days.

The Devils you know was another really odd book, I actually really liked it and once again the end threw me. It was a book I couldn’t stop thinking about and it was just so weird. This was one book that not a lot of people liked but I actually really enjoyed.

King I post the first cover because the first two books in this series had me messed up for days. The content of the book is dark and I just loved the characters but the darkness put me in a mood that took me some time to get over. It was a world I didn’t want to be in but I needed to be in again because I just loved this entire cast of characters and they really stuck with me.

The Threes Crept In Once again the end of the book completely messed me up. The entire book was super weird, while I loved every minute of it the end is what really screwed up my head. I wasn’t expecting the twist and it took me a couple days to stop thinking about it. This book actually caused me also to have really weird dreams.

This is where it ends is a hard book to read, you follow the events of a school shooting. Every time I even thought about this book I would cry. I thought the book could have told the story a little differently but the message was loud and clear. This book made me cry weeks after I was finished reading it. I honestly couldn’t talk about it.

Off the top of my head these are a few books I remember having a pretty intense hangover from.
What books cause you to have a serious hangover?

Are you a Tea drinker? What is your favorite Tea?

Thanks for for stopping by!

Have a great day and Happy Reading!


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    • I found another place that has loose tea that is so yummy and the samples are $5 and you get like 5 cups a tea from it. I will be featuring one of those next but if you want the name let me know. It’s the only type of teas I like to drink 🙂

      Michelle recently posted: Afternoon Tea & Books ~ Book Hangovers
  1. I love this idea so much! I am a big tea drinker and have been loving this Alice in Wonderland collection I bought at Disney World last year but in general I love Green Tea with Lemon or Mango and all kinds of different herbal teas. Pretty much all the tea though I don’t drink much black tea. I’ll have to check out this blend and this company. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a book hangover. I’ve needed a break from a genre but never a full book hangover.

    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted: Friday Five - Five Books I Hope to Read in March
    • I can’t seem to get enough of these fun teas, I just bough a bunch more and can’t wait to do those in future posts. And the Trees crept In is a hit or miss with some. I loved it but it’s really strange. Lol