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Please feel free to share Teas if you are a hardcore tea drinker, I would love the suggestions.

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I hope you are ready for my next afternoon tea and books.



All images and descriptions are taken from the Adagio Website I did not write or take credit for any descriptions or images listed for/under the teas. 

These smell fantastic and some of them taste AMAZING! Chestnuts Roasting I haven’t tried yet but it sounds so interesting.

I can’t get over how cute these containers are and the little sprinkles are just so cute!


Chestnuts Roasting: You’ll be singing “Let is Snow” as you stay cozy by the fire, sipping on a cup of Chestnuts Roasting Tea. Our Chestnut Tea, customer favorite, pairs seamlessly with the smokiness of Lapsang Souchong and the spice of cinnamon to form this comforting classic flavor. It even has teeny tiny snowflakes sprinkles, making this a very merry blend. Soon, Jack Frost will surely be nipping at your nose! High Caffeine 

black tea, lapsang souchong, natural chestnut flavor, cinnamon bark, natural cinnamon flavor, snowflake sprinkles

Cozy Candy Cane: Nothing quite says ‘Christmastime’ like a good old fashioned candy cane! Sweet and slightly spicy, that classic peppermint flavor you know and love blends perfectly with the soft and smooth decadence of vanilla in our Cozy Candy Cane Tea. You’ll be filled with yuletide joy each time you steep a cup and see the tiny little candy cane sprinkles whirling around. High Caffeine

black tea, peppermint, candy cane pieces, peppermint leaves, natural candy cane flavor, natural vanilla flavor, candy cane sprinkles

Deck the Halls: ‘Tis the season to be jolly because our Deck the Halls Tea has finally arrived! It is everything you love about our Christmas Tea, plus a dash of cocoa, a hint cream and green and red Christmas Tree sprinkles. Steeping a cup of this aromatic brew will have you dashing through the snow for more! High Caffeine

black tea, cinnamon bark, orange peels, natural spice flavor, natural creme flavor, cardamom, cloves, ginger root, natural ginger flavor, natural cinnamon flavor, natural vanilla flavor, honeybush tea, tree shaped sprinkles

Jolly Gingerbread: It’s that time of year when the sweet and spicy aroma of freshly baked holiday cookies starts to fill the air. We’ve taken that warm inviting feeling and put it right into the palm of your hand! Our Jolly Gingerbread Tea balances those sweet and spicy flavors of the season and finishes it off with the most delightful mini gingerbread men sprinkles… sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. High Caffeine

black tea, cinnamon bark, ginger root, natural almond flavor, natural gingerbread flavor, orange peels, cocoa nibs, natural chocolate flavor, natural cinnamon flavor, gingerbread sprinkles

Kris Kringle: Shhh… are those footsteps we hear?! We have the perfect thing to sip on while you’re waiting up at night for ol’ St. Nick to arrive. Wrap yourself up in the warm indulgence of our decaf Kris Kringle Tea. This sweet treat blends the timeless pair of hazelnut and chocolate in one festive tea and topped off with mini marshmallows. This tea is sure to have you feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve!

The website lists this as High Caffeine but made with Decaf tea. Sooooo…..I’m a little confused! 🙂 lol

decaf ceylon tea, cinnamon bark, orange peels, cocoa nibs, marigold flowers, chocolate chips, natural vanilla flavor, natural hazelnut flavor, natural creme flavor, natural cinnamon flavor, mini marshmallows

Merry Mistletoe: Take one sip of our Merry Mistletoe and you are sure to fall in love with its crisp fruity flavor. This green tea blend combines both pomegranate and vanilla flavors resulting in a subtle fruity yet festive taste to compliment the merriment of the holidays. With its red and green holly berry sprinkle inclusions, it’s ‘snow’ wonder we haven’t blended it before! Moderate Caffeine

green tea, natural pomegranate flavor, raspberry leaves, raspberries, natural vanilla flavor, holly berry sprinkles


Since we have 6 teas, I thought I would do something a little different. Christmas is just around the corner, I would love to recommend 6 books I think would make great gifts for your favorite book lover.

I read Kingdom this year and honestly wasn’t sure what to think but I LOVED it. I really thought it was interesting and I’m hoping that as some point we can get back into that world because I would love to see if there is more to tell in the stories and characters. Great for Upper YA due to some content, it’s not said but you kind of get what they are saying and of course Adults

Warrior of the Wild was soooo good. I love Tricia Levenseller and this book was not a disappointment. Great for YA and Adults.

Small Spaces totally surprised me and I had my daughter read it right after me and she thought the same thing. This book was a little creepy so upper MG would be better for this or Tween/YA. As an adult I really enjoyed it too.

Allison is NOT for children, YA or even Upper Teen….This is for ADULTS, Adults who like it dirty and with one female and 9 (yes 9) super hot men. I still need to finish the entire series but I read the first one twice.

LifeL1k3…..OMG one of my all time favorites and I have the second but haven’t read it yet since the third one will be out next year in June so I might wait and binge the series in one sitting. This is a great book for YA and Adults. I think Tweens would be ok reading this but I would suggest reading it (parents) before letting them read it.

Sky in the Deep was an amazing Viking story and has made me want more. This would be great for YA and Adults! I really enjoyed this book and had a great ending. Seriously need more YA Viking stories.

What are some book you suggest for Christmas and What Teas would you like to try?

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Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

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  1. These all sound yummy. Especially the candy cane! High caffeine haha- I’d probably be flying off the walls, but who cares lolol?