Berls’s #COYER Big Summer Bash Sign Up!

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COYER is coming TOMORROW! To be honest, I’m not quite ready yet… I haven’t setup the kick off post or anything because I’m currently in my last week of school and there’s SO MUCH to do. But never fear, we will be ready! I’m so excited about this COYER and plan to be a stellar participant, not just a host. So here’s a run down of my goals!

Goody #1: Declare Your Reading Goal

I plan to Deep Clean! This is the first summer that I don’t have major work plans, so I really want to do a lot of reading this summer. So 20+ books, here I come!

Goody #2: Quality Comments

This fits in so well with my general blogging goals. I want to visit a minimum of 3 linked reviews each day!

Goody #3: Participate in Summer Read-a-thons

I want to participate in all of them! They are some of my favorite themes… Except for the Scary Stories (I’m a chicken). But I own a few that I’ve been wanting to read, so I may even go for that.

Goody #4: Mini Challenges!

I will try to participate in at least 1 mini challenge. We have some good ones coming too y’all 🙂

Goody #5: Participate in the mini-scavenger hunt

My goal is to read at least 2 Scavenger Hunt worthy books. It’s two weeks, so I figure one a week is doable.

Goody #6: Participate in the Social Media Games!

Well, I’ll be hosting the games, so obviously I’ll participate! But sometimes life gets so busy that I don’t have time to do more than post the question and then check back at the end of the day or the next day. So my goal this time is to check in at least 3 more times during the day.

And I want to be at ALL the twitter parties. The last couple might get rough though, as I’ll be back at work (Michelle’s prepared for me to start to disappear. Isn’t she the best?!). So we’ll see!

Goody #7: COYER Bingo

I want to fill one Bingo Board! I’m choosing Bingo Board One for now… It has a horror spot, but like I said, I’ve got a book for that and I’m going to try and read it during the read-a-thon. I’ve added my planned books in the picture below – we’ll see how I do.

Goody #8: Hurricane Berls

I guess I have to do it, since it’s named after me, right? I’m looking forward to the Hurricane, but I’ll wait to pick my books until it gets closer.

Goody #9: The List

See that Bingo board up there? Consider that my list 😉 But since it’s just 15 books – here are my first fifteen!

  1. Devoted in Death by JD Robb
  2. A School for Unusual Girls
  3. Brotherhood in Death
  4. Rock Hard
  5. Fire Touched
  6. Wonderment in Death
  7. The Great Shelby Holmes
  8. Wait for You
  9. Apprentice in Death
  10. And One Last Thing
  11. Reap The Wind
  12. Tall Dark and Dead
  13. Be With Me
  14. The Fiery Cross
  15. The Season

Goody #10: The Switch

I’ll join in on this for sure. I’m not sure the order I want to go with yet though, since I’ve been really mood reading of late. So playing this one by ear.

And that’s it! Basically I plan to DO IT ALL – if possible. My reviews will all be on Goodreads, not the blog, as I’m months (sometimes years) behind my reading on the blog.

What’s your COYER plan?

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6 responses to “Berls’s #COYER Big Summer Bash Sign Up!

  1. High-Five! I am planning to do most but not all. I am hoping to do a lot of reading also this summer. Good Luck! 🙂

  2. Wow. You filled in the bingo board. I didn’t go that far with planning. It all looks exciting. It will make the summer fast and fun. Good luck! Anne- Books of My Heart

    • I struggle with finding books if I don’t plan. But I may change, since I can with BINGO. I’m having a blast already though.