March 2014 #COYER SIGNUP

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We had such a blast back in November 2013 with COYER that we decided it had to be something we did three times a year. We’re making a few changes to make it better (we hope), but it’s pretty much the same. The concept: Have you been a little over eager with your mouse when browsing Kindle Freebies? Or maybe those books on Netgalley/Edelweiss were just too hard to resist? Are your free reads sitting in your E-reader, neglected, just waiting for when you have time to get to them? Well now is the time with the “Clean out your E-reader Challenge” Join us March 1st – 31th with the Clean out your E-reader Challenge hosted by Fantasy is More Fun & Because Reading is better than real life and start cleaning out your free or nearly free E-reads! Not only will you get to those reads that have been sitting unread for too long, but Two participants will have a chance to win prizes in our Review Posts Giveaway AND will drive more traffic to your blog

~~~~~~ The Rules ~~~~~~ 

The Rules have changes just a little this time around 

Go through your E-readers and select books you’d like to read during the challenge. The book must have been Free or Nearly Free: under $5, Kindle Deals, Netgalley, Edelweiss & author review requests only (Blog Tour reviews are not accepted this time, sorry). Anyone caught not using a free book or a book that is pirated will be removed from challenge.

Sign up with the linky below letting us know that you plan to participate. Between now and March 8th create a post announcing that you’re participating and a list of books you hope to read during the challenge (this can change). If you don’t have a blog this can be done at the Goodreads group “Two Girls and A Challenge” Any participant that doesn’t have a starter post up by 11:59 PM EST March 8th (giving you procrastinators a little more time!) will be ineligible for the grand prize.

Start reading your books (starting March 1st) and reviewing them, either on your blog or Goodreads, Booklikes, etc. Put the link to your review (to the review URL, not your Web Address) on the review linky available March 1st, listing your blog name and the name of the book you reviewed. When you write your review, you MUST include the challenge logo and linky somewhere on the post so that we can all check out the reviews.

~~~~~~ Giveaways ~~~~~~ 

There are now TWO ways to earn entries in TWO giveaways. Winners will be announced April 5th.

Giveaway 1: Reviews ($10 gift card from Amazon or B&N, emailed) 

Every day you post up to TWO reviews of a free or nearly free E-book, enter the link (to the review URL, not your Web Address) on the Rafflecopter available March 1st (2 links per blog, per day) to get extra entries in the review giveaway.
Giveaway 2: Comments ($10 gift card from Amazon or B&N, emailed) 

Since COYER is best when we’re all interacting, we’ve decided quality commenting on other people’s reviews deserves recognition too. After you comment on a review, go to the Comments Giveaway and enter the link for the review where you left your comment. You’ll have up to 20 entries for comment links per day. No double entries and only quality comments will be accepted (as in, more than “great review” but something that actual engages with the review left). We will be confirming winning entries.

~~~~~~ Other Fun ~~~~~~ 

We’ll also be having a Twitter Party! It’ll be Sunday, March 23rd at 4pm EST. Mark your calendars now 🙂 Hopefully this time will work better for our international participants than the last time! While you’re reading your free or nearly free E-books or posting your reviews be sure to update us on Twitter with #COYER!

From the surveys it seems that everyone enjoyed these challenges but wished they had more time to do them. So we’re looking for mini-challenge hosts for mini-challenges that will run for the entire duration of the event. Email and/or if you’d like to host a challenge. Let us know what activity you would like to do so we can plan accordingly. If you’d like to host but have no ideas, email us and we’ll brainstorm together. Hosts will need to provide a giveaway of some sort. Participants will get extra entries in both giveaways for following you and for participating in your challenge.

Here’s a button that you can add to your blog to announce you’re cleaning out your E-reader with us:

Because reading is better than real life

The Levels 
Each person who participated will be able to grab an award ribbon at the end to put up on their blog announcing your accomplishment.
Since we were amazed with how many books some participants read last time we’ve added another level.
What will your goal be?
Lightly Clean – 1 to 4 eBooks
Spring Clean – 5 to 9 eBooks
Deep Clean – 10 to 14 eBooks
Xtreme Clean – 15 or more eBooks

~~~~~~ The Sign-up Linky ~~~~~~

Remember, we’re doing this a bit differently this time. Instead of having to sign up here AND do again to a sign up post on March 1st, you’ll sign up ONE TIME, HERE. This doesn’t have to be your goal post, but rather a way of letting us know you plan to participate. Then, between now and March 1st create a post announcing that you’re participating and your goals (details above). Put your posts up early if you’d like and help us spread the word!

We hope you’ll join us and have a great time!!
Berls & Michelle

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  2. Signed up 🙂 I've only been on NetGalley for a few months and I have so many books to get through! I've had to ban myself from the top 100 Kindle freebie list…

    • I totally understand 🙂 I have a bunch of Netgalley I need to read and this challenge is perfect for it. I can't wait for it to start. So glad you are joining us!!!