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SOOOOOO I watched bones again and I had some observations….

  • Booth isn’t a nice guy, like he acts like one but I find him to be a very judgemental bully
  • Dr Brennan is very smart, like really judgemental and mean also.
  • Accorded to the first season, Brennan’s parents left on Xmas but later, I think Season 6, they said the she had a fight with her mom before going to bed but if that was the case she would have been older and not as young. She made it clear that she was in foster care when she was young but later said she was older.
  • Brennan never meet Cam before Season 2, however in an episode that talks about how they meet while talking to Sweets it shows her meet Cam and Caroline (which she also meet for the first time in Season 2) So the story line is actually all messed up if you watch it in a row (as many times as I have)
  • Season 10 I HATED Hodgins, I know he was going through a rough spot but I always thought him a little jerky with new people but I never thought he could be so mean to Angela.
  • Speaking of Angela, she is a sweet but feisty, but when Hodgins is mean to her, I was disappointed with how she let him treat her the way he did.
  • Chemistry, I didn’t think Booth and Brennan really had any. I felt like her non-personal demeanor made it hard to see how she felt, she was not good with showing emotions so it was hard to see the chemistry.
  • The one episode after she goes on the run with Christine and when she comes back acting like she was a on the run and now can do things on her own drove me crazy. I wanted to smack her.
  • Regardless, I love the banter between them all and as much as it was a crime show it had a LOT of funny moments.
  • One of my favorite characters is Aubrey, he comes after Sweets (I can’t tell you incase you never watched it) He IS HILARIOUS! and always eating. Wish he was on more seasons.
  • I always liked the interns except Dr. Olive Wells, I hated him and I think he played his part perfectly.

Bones is the only show I can watch a million times. I have a few episodes I will pass over that I am not fond of, either because it doesn’t progress the story or I just wasn’t a fan of how it played out.

The series finally was very well done and I miss the new episodes but I think it left it open for them to come back if they ever wanted too, however, I don’t think that will ever happy but you know what….you never know! 🙂


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7 responses to “#bingewatchersclub ~ Observations about Bones

  1. I feel like I shouldn’t have given up on this show 🙁 I watched for years but then lost interest when she got pregnant. Like you, I never felt their chemistry.

    • The chemistry is there it’s just weird. Like you almost have to assume even though they show some affection it seems forced. After she got pregnant was when Christopher Palante shows up me might be my favorite villain besides the gravedigger and the end guy. I would give it a try again.

  2. This is a show I’ve been meaning to watch for YEARS. But if you saw the list of shows I have to watch that I haven’t had time for, you’d see why it hasn’t happened yet. I just don’t watch much tv. Maybe 5 or 6 hours a week, tops. It’s funny to me that Bones isn’t a nice guy though – he’s not a nice guy in Buffy either (IMO, hotly contested though).

  3. Nice! I love movie and show posts. I’m currently binging The Walking Dead (trying to catch up) and rewatching the 100 S4.

  4. Adore this show. Agree about how Hodgins treated Anglea (WTF right), love Aubrey and I kinda liked Booth & Bones together in the later seasons. I need a rewatch soon.

  5. *whispers* Zack-gate *sighs*

    I hated the ‘forget that part of the character until we need that for plot device’ thing – like Sweets’ history or the brother that Hodgins had for, like, three episodes, and then we never heard of him again! Argh!

    Love Aubrey though! They totally never gave him enough credit! XD

    • Yes the brother! That drove me crazy! It was like he was forgotten so quickly. I even wonder what happened to Angela’s mom, they never mention her at all. Or Brennan’s cousin..Like if she had aunts and family why was she in foster care?
      I like Zack was glad he got his end but still.