#Bloggiesta Starts Thursday! My Goals…

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It’s time to write up a To Do List and get some stuff done. Bloggiesta starts September 15-18. My regular followers will know this is one of my favorite events and I haven’t missed one yet. Have been doing this since I started blogging and it is the even that kicks my butt into blogging gear.

This time around starts on a Thursday but I won’t be getting a lot done that day since I will be working in the morning and have an appointment with the vet for my Cat, she is in need of a senior exam. (cancelled) Once I am home I plan to start getting organized but will sadly miss the first chat.

My list this time around is pretty simple but HUGE. Due to a severe slump that last 8 months my blog has been lacking a LOT. Lots going on in Real life so I wasn’t able to get all that I wanted on the blog this year. But this event is perfect and will get me ready for Blog Ahead another blogger challenge that helps you get ahead on posts. So I have my fingers crossed I can get a bunch of stuff done to finish out the year and start the next year with a huge head start.

For the list. This isn’t simple to write because I have a notebook with everything written down and I need to sort it all out and plan. So my list will be broken up into days instead of tasks.

  • Thursday, September 15th
    • I am hoping to get the notebook organized and sorted.
  • Friday, September 16th
    • My day of no kids and no work. Continue organizing and sorting
    • go through planner and pencil in ideas or make list of when to schedule stuff
    • Get posts that need to be done for the week and the next week finished. 
    • Design logos or banners for posts that need it.
    • Start setting up templates.
  • Saturday, September 17
    • Baby shower at 12:00 🙂
    • Continue Designs and Templates.
    • Set up/Fix template for new Monster and Book feature for October.
    • start writing posts
  • Sunday, September 18
    • Continue with sorting, organizing, setting up, writing.
    • Set Up planner for the week
    • Get posts that need to be done for the week and the next week finished.

Thought for me this would be easier. Give me a better plan I what I want to do. Not sure how much I will get done on Thursday and I am hoping the shower isn’t long so I can get back to posts but Sunday I have all day so whatever doesn’t get done on Saturday I will continue on Sunday.

This Bloggiesta I am trying to get ahead, if I have a ton of drafts done I will be happy that will mean for Blog Ahead I can get them finished and scheduled. I am super excited about this Bloggiesta because I needed it so badly. I will be at the twitter parties at night. I was hoping I would be able to host one this time around but I will next one. I do love a good twitter party.

Are you joining Bloggiesta? What are some of your goals?

Have a great week and Happy Bloggiesta!




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