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Welcome to Cover Characteristic! This is originally Hosted by Sugar and Snark ~ The host is back from hiatus and I will be finishing out what I have set up and juggle between what I have and what they are doing. Don’t want to step on any toes. I have been eyeing up the meme for a while and am excited to finally be joining in.

Still working on the layout, the original details says 5 covers but I might do between 5 & 12 depending on the weeks theme.

This weeks theme is Wings

I have the hardest time just picking 5…I realize I might have a cover problem. I also realize this meme is causing me to add more books to my TBR because of the covers. Wings was on my list and I was excited to do it. I have read quite a few books that have Wings on the cover.

I love these wings, I love the sublet ones in the background and the wings up front. I do have a favorite but I love Court of Nightfall. Something about the silhouette is gorgeous, I love the swirls and the layers of the wings. I don’t know what the book is about but the cover makes me want to read it. If you didn’t know a lot of books have wings on them, I picked the ones that I really liked. I enjoyed hush, hush and always found that cover breathtaking, it tells a lot from just one image.

My Favorite Cover(s) with Wings

This one I have but haven’t read yet, just like book one (above) I love these covers, they are so beautiful and well drawn. I have looked over every detail and find it breathtaking how amazing this is done. The artist in me gets the chills looking at it.

Next weeks theme is Rainbow

Thanks for stopping by to check out this awesome covers.

Have a great day and Happy Reading!


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11 responses to “Cover Characteristic ~ Wings

  1. There sure are some great covers with wings on it! Nice list! I don’t mind that you share more than 5, it’s fun to look at all the covers. And your favorite pick is probably my favorite of these as well, it’s such a good cover and the artwork is well done!

  2. I just put together a post about birds (well, my second cover post about birds since I did it once before), and you totally stole my favorite! Haha. I also have a few covers with wings saved, so I’ll probably do this as a topic at some point too 🙂

    I’ve read Court of Nightfall. It wasn’t for me, but you might like it more than I did. It does have a pretty cover. I really want to read Hyde! I’ve been wanting to for a while. I just have to get around to it finally this year. The Final Descent cover is also really pretty and eye catching with that orange and black!

    Kristen recently posted: The Weekly Update: 1/29/17
  3. This meme has DEFINITELY caused me to add books. It’s not even funny. Ferals is an amazing cover, I love the rain slanting down. Replica might be my next one (I read it as an e-book but I’ve seen the physical copy and it looks nice- now I want!) and Balance Keepers is kinda cool. I like Court of Nightfall because angel with a sword???

    Greg recently posted: Cover Characteristics Humorous SF
  4. The covers of the Feral series are really awesome. They’ve always caught my attention. I agree with you, cover characteristic posts always make me add more to my wishlist/TBR. I love the kitty with wings but I think Hyde is my favorite of the ones you posted. I keep waiting for the 3rd Peregrine book to come out in paperback so I can complete my collection. Nice choice of books this week!

    Barb (boxermommyreads) recently posted: Stacking the Shelves (97)
    • Thanks Barb, the kitty one I added for my daughter, she thinks its soooo cute 🙂 this was a fun one and I was surprised how many I found with wings. The details in the Ferals series is stunning. I really need to read book 2