My Current Obsession ~ A little bit of country

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Current Obsession

Back in December I was all about Christmas Music and once January came I sort of was looking for something a little more meaningful. When I do design work I usually listen to soundtrack music because it relaxes me while I think, it also helps me concentrate. My usual music is more Hard Rock like Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin or Avenge Sevenfold. I am more of a real music type of girl, no auto tuning or rap music I can’t deal with that kind of stuff so many moons ago I used to be a hard core country fan and recently have become completely obsessed with it. Something about the word of the songs that make me want to sing, dance and love the crap out of everyone in a 5 mile radius. They are always singing about the love of family or the girl in their lives. It sometimes makes me very mushy and love on my husband to the point he is rather confused about the sudden change of wanting hugs more often. (he should stop complaining and just go with it). I thought I would give you a few of my current song obsessions, the ones I listen to everyday and sing on the top of my lungs much to my families displeasure. I never said I could sing, I just like to sing.

This is my current FAVORITE! Plus he’s extremely hot and has a total swoon worthy voice.

He totally makes me weak in the knees.

My second obsession at the moment is

I just love this sound and think it would make such a good story for a book.

My last obsession is this song, Love the song but the video is so cute.

I have an entire playlist that I made up on Spotify of all the country songs I enjoy.
Here are a few more that I like but don’t have videos for them…

  • Home Alone Tonight by Luke Bryan and Karen Fairchild
  • Play it again by Luke Bryan
  • Yours by Russell Dickerson (has an awesome video and he’s adorable)
  • You look like I need a Drink by Justin Moore
  • Sleep without you by Brett Young

These are just a few, if you never listen to country or think it’s to twangy you might want to check out some of these songs. There is always something about a country boy and that voice that could make a girl all weak in the knees and tingly. This might be a good reason why I like a good country romance book every so often. They just seem so sweet and polite. Makes me all tingly thinking about it.

I am actually really glad I got back into listening to this but I will always be a hard rock girl at heart, my husband thinks I am like night and day but I guess that is what it’s like to be a gemini, I can be cute and cuddly or kick your a$$.

What kind of music are you obsessed with at the moment? or do you have a favorite song that you have on replay?


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Have a great day and Enjoy the music!

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10 responses to “My Current Obsession ~ A little bit of country

  1. I used to hate country music (teens and all that) but now I kinda like (don’t tell anyone lol). But some of the new stuff is good- I can listen to (and watch ha ha) Miranda Lambert all day. I’m a rock guy though too and I like it when rock and country kinda overlap. Remember Gretchen Wilson? She could sin g the crap out of a Heart song. I’ve been listening to a lot of Dorothy lately- that girl has a voice and it’s kind of bluesy rock.

    Greg recently posted: Silicon Dawn
    • I wasn’t a big fan of it either and then I got into it and then I didn’t like it again and now I am back lol. Gretchen Wilson was great. That is why I like Brantley Gilbert so much because he is a little rock and country. I will always be a rock girl but sometimes I do like a little country. I need to check out Dorothy!

  2. I don’t listen to music much but when I do it’s way old like 40s -60s style on Pandora…or Broadway musical type….strange I know. I use to love country but I am not a huge fan of the new stuff. I listen to audiobooks now when I would have listened to music. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I actually just listened to Chirch Bells by Carrie Inderwood and LOVE it. It certainly isn’t a happy song but it has attitude. I also adore Girl Crush by Little Big Town. The song itself reminds me of what I think 50s/60s pop was like and something about it just makes me happy. It isn’t a happy song though.

    I am all over the place when it comes to music. I listen to Patsy Cline to Eminem to Carrie Underwood to Boyz II Men to blue grass bands. Not a big fan of heavy metal but that’s just me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Stephanie recently posted: Alexa’s 2016 Reading Goals + May TBR
  4. I love to sing! I’ve seen the name Brantley Gilbert everywhere lately but I don’t think I’ve actually ever heard any of his songs. I’m not a big country fan but I’ve had periods where that’s what I’ve listened too. I’ll have to check out your list! It looks like some good ones.

    Katherine recently posted: Starfish Moon - Review