Does price determine what type of book you buy?

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Everyone has different reasons for purchasing a physical book over an e-book. I really do love both physical books and e-books for different reasons. I tell my kids that too when they ask who my favorite kid is, but in reality it’s actually the dog. 😉

If I REALLY want the physical book, I will buy it over the e-book no matter what. Some books you just need to feel in your hands and you need to be able to smell those amazing pages. Some books I don’t mind reading on an e-book especially if it’s a book I want to read all day even when out and ebooks are a better format for me.

Recently I started purchasing more physical books over ebooks, especially new releases and here is why….

Lately I have given up on the ARC books not because I don’t love to read books before everyone else but I am trying to remove the stress of deadlines when my real life has been so super busy. So I have been like every other non-blogger and have been waiting for release day (it’s really, really hard, the struggle is real!!!)  The thing about release day books is that the e-books run about $9 or $13 dollars. I’m sorry to say but I don’t want to purchase an e-book for that much money, especially when the hard cover or paper back is a dollar or two more. So instead I will grab the physical book over the e-book. It’s not that I don’t want to spend the money on the book it’s that I think $13 is a lot for a book you can’t touch or smell. (books smell is the best smell) #booksnifferFOREVER!

When a book is released on e-book first, I still will not grab it if it is $9.99. I will either wait for it to go on sale or for the physical book to be released. I also might not grab the hard covers because believe it or not I prefer paperback books over the hard cover even thought hard cover books are GORGEOUS! I find them harder to read. (I never said I was normal) 

The problem now has become that I need to get more shelf space because my bookshelves have runneth over. My husband keeps asking where I plan to put all these books, I don’t need that kind of negative talk so I just ignore him.

So for now I think as long as the prices for New Release ebooks are going to be the same as a physical book, I will be purchasing physical books which mean eventually I might need a bigger house.

I know there are lots of options for getting books but this post is about why I purchase a physical book over an e-book. 

What format book do you prefer to buy and does the price influence why you prefer one over the other? Let's Talk about it! Click To Tweet

What format book do you prefer to buy and does the price influence why you prefer one over the other?

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7 responses to “Does price determine what type of book you buy?

  1. This post made me laugh. 🙂 So true. I generally prefer physical books because after all the look good on the shelf (or in a cough pile on the floor cough) and yes the book smell! But I do splurge on 9.99 ebooks even though I hate that price point. And if an ebook is more than that I almost NEVER buy it. It’s so dumb for them to charge that for a book you can’t even hold! But anyway… as for hardcover vs paperback, I go back and forth. Generally if it’s a book I really love the look of, I’ll go hardcover, but for reading purposes I do like paperback better.

  2. I may love the feel and smell of books but because of storage and portability I want all digital, all the time. I have just a few physical books for autographs. Sometimes I do wait until a book is on sale (ebook or audio). Anne – Books of My Heart

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  3. I never used to care if it was paperback, hardcover, audio or ebook. Now, I prefer hardcovers for my favorites or paperback (trade paperback preferably) if that’s not an option. There aren’t many I buy right at release. I tend to wait and see if I can score one at a book sale or used on Amazon. I also won’t buy an ebook if it’s more than $6 or so. I know the same amount of work goes into it writing and editing and cover, but there’s no printing and distribution involved so I just can’t justify paying more for a virtual book over a print book.

    • When I have gift cards I will grab books when they are first released but only the ones I REALLY want. Otherwise I will wait for a sale or the price to lower. I agree with you on the amount of work but still not spending that much money on a book I can’t feel or smell. I do love ebooks but lately I prefer physical. I’m a very moody reader 🙂

  4. I prefer physical books. I save all my money for those. I’ll only read an ebook if it’s free. I don’t like reading on screens because I stare at computers all day. I’d rather relax with a paper book.

    • The feel and smell of a book is just amazing. I do ebooks more when I want to read when I am out and about but I recently feel back in love with physical and the price makes a huge difference when buying one or the other.