Holly Jolly Saturday: Books to Give

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Around Because Reading, the holidays are our favorite time of year. And Christmas is like our favorite of favorites. So we’re having some Holly Jolly Saturdays, bringing you a holiday topic every Saturday in December.

Holly Jolly Books

Michelle’s Book Gift Recommendations

If I had a family that loved books I would be gifting books every year but most of them just give me books. So now I am going to recommend a few books for you to give to your family if you are looking for something to give. I will do a mix of genres, these books that I loved and some of them are a series and books that I HIGHLY recommend checking out!

So I am pretty sure someone on your list would love these books and if not them, I don’t see why you can’t by yourself a Christmas gift! It is the season of giving, even if you decided to give to yourself! 😉

Berls’s Book Gift Recommendations

I struggled with this list because I took it too literal at first. I was like, but wait, this depends on the person! So, I’m going to give you my top three books to recommend to audiobook newbies, since these are the books I find myself gifting/pushing most often. I’ve had the distinct pleasure over the years of recommending audiobooks to people and getting them hooked on audiobooks. But you do have to start with the right book. Here are some of my favorites to recommend:

Have a Holly Jolly Saturday and enjoy our book recommendations!

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3 responses to “Holly Jolly Saturday: Books to Give

  1. These are just fabulous recommendations, I am always on the lookout for some great middle grade books for my nephews to read. I do need to pick up Madison Faye at some point soon. That cover is stunning.