Holly Jolly Saturday: Hopes & Goals for 2021

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Around Because Reading, the holidays are our favorite time of year. And Christmas is like our favorite of favorites. So we’re having some Holly Jolly Saturdays, bringing you a holiday topic every Saturday in December.

Holly Jolly Hopes & Goals

Michelle’s Hopes & Goals for 2021

I am hopeful that 2021 will be so much better than 2020. So instead of waiting to see how the years is going to go I decided that it’s ok to set goals for myself. Just because things don’t always work out, doesn’t mean I can’t at least try. One of my goals for 2021 is to practice more self care. Lose a few pounds, take better care of what I put into my body and spending more time with the family. While I love my technology, my family is obviously more important and I want to find a way to spend at least one day, just us. Maybe watching a movie or just cooking dinner together or when the world opens, spending the day someplace instead of inside the house. One of my other goals for 2021 is to learn something new or improve on one of my skills, crocheting has always been a favorite of mine and I know how to do it but I would love to be able to really make come cute and fun stuff. So I hope I am able to learn more of that this coming year. I am very hopeful that 2021 will be so much better but I think 2020 made me realize sometimes things don’t always go our way and that is ok, we just have to find a different path to get to where we want to be.

Berls’s Hopes & Goals for 2021

Honestly, I’m struggling to think about goals for 2021. The year is just way too much in the air. My hopes though, are that we’ll see a SAFE RETURN to life pre-COVID. I hope that a vaccine is approved (by the time this post publishes it might already be, I wrote this post in November while Pfizer was applying for approval, with Moderna close behind them). I hope that people take the vaccine. I hope that it means Dante can safely go to daycare and play with friends. I hope we can see family without stress and worry about how safe they’ve been and how safe we’ve been. Once my hopes become reality, I worry about setting some life goals. At the moment, my only real goal is to keep my family cared for and safe.

Have a Holly Jolly Saturday! What are you Hopes ad Goals for 2021?

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11 responses to “Holly Jolly Saturday: Hopes & Goals for 2021

  1. With the vaccine approval, I’m hopeful that at least some of 2021 will be “normal” but until it’s sufficiently rolled out I think we’re in for some more trying months… Baby steps, I guess! There’s light on the horizon. 🙂

    Good luck with achieving all you hope to in 2021, ladies! I personally haven’t worked out what I want yet but hopefully will do some soul searching/thinking about it over the coming weeks.

  2. I’ve had trouble breaking down big goals this year into smaller tasks but overall I’ve made progress. I think for now my goal will be to continue the improvements I’ve started with blogging ahead and improving various memes, and reading more of the books I own.

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Top 10 Books I Want in 2021
  3. I wish you success with all your goals, and I hope we can all go back to normal soon! I hear you Berls – it’s difficult to even think in terms of goals after the year we’ve had. But I like how Michelle is taking matters into her own hands. As for me, my goal is to focus on my studies, so that I can be ready when the 2022 public examination I want to tackle rolls in…BUT also on my blog, though I’ll probably be a little less productive.

    Happy new year girls! may you be safe and healthy!

    Roberta R. recently posted: 2020 Wrap-Up: In Which I Outdo Myself
  4. I’ve got a few goals in mind because I do better when I have a game plan. Neat to see what are priorities for you both in the new year. Wishing you well in achieving those.