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This feature is for short reviews, reviews of books in a series where it might feel repetitive, or (as Michelle suggested) books I was too lazy to write a “real” review for. Today’s books are all from the Magic Potion Mystery Series that I recently binged my way through 🙂  I already read and reviewed the first book (A Potion to Die For Review) and then BAM! I binged my way through the next two!

Just a Few Magic Potion Mysteries Berls ReadOne Potion in the Grave by Heather Blake
Narrator: Carla Mercer-Meyer
Published by Tantor Audio on March 17, 2015
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance
Length: 9 hours 42 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Borrowed

Length: 9 hours and 42 minutes

Carly Bell Hartwell’s love potions are always in demand in Hitching Post, Alabama, the wedding capital of the South.

When Katie Sue Perrywinkle walks into the Little Shop of Potions, Carly is surprised and delighted to see her old childhood friend. Katie Sue fled her hometown and a troubled family over a decade ago. But she’s not back for a social visit. She’s come to settle a score with Senator Warren Calhoun, who is in town for his son’s high-profile wedding.

But before Katie Sue has a chance to voice any objections, she’s forced to forever hold her peace. After finding her friend dead, Carly vows to find her murderer. Were the corrupt Calhouns willing to go to any lengths to avoid a scandal? Did Katie Sue’s family take the term “bad blood” to a whole new level? And why did the bride-to-be come to Carly for a love potion? As Carly gets closer to the truth, a killer is planning a very chilly reception. 

This is a seriously cute series and I enjoyed binge reading it. I like the relationship between Carly and her family – particularly her crazy aunts – as well as her friendship with Ainsley. There’s definitely a second-chance romance brewing between Carly and Dillon and I enjoy the build up to that. My favorite character is probably her cousin Delia and I really wish we saw more of her in this book. But I do love the friendship that’s budding between them.

I think what brought this book down from a full 4 stars for me was that the mystery was SUPER obvious and yet way too many intelligent people were stumped. I don’t know, maybe if they read more cozy mysteries it would have been obvious to them too? LOL! It just bugged me that I saw it from pretty much the word “go!” and Carly was staring at it missing it over and over.

Overall a fun book though and if you like small town hijinks with a bit of paranormal mystery thrown in, you’ll enjoy it.

3.5 stars pretty good

Just a Few Magic Potion Mysteries Berls ReadGhost of a Potion by Heather Blake
Narrator: Carla Mercer-Meyer
Published by Tantor Audio on October 6, 2015
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance
Length: 9 hours
Format: Audiobook
Source: Borrowed

Listening Length: 9 hours

In the latest from the bestselling author of One Potion in the Grave, it’s Halloween in Hitching Post, Alabama, and potion shop owner Carly Beth Hartwell has an especially spooky customer to handle…

With all the ghosts that haunt her at this time of year, Carly doesn’t exactly rush to celebrate Halloween.  Even a costume ball organized by her boyfriend Dylan's mother, Patricia Davis Jackson, holds little allure.  But to please Dylan, who wants peace between the two women, Carly reluctantly agrees to go. 

Gossip around town is that architect Haywood Dodd plans to make a big announcement at the party. But before he can address the crowd, he’s found dead with Patricia standing over him, holding the murder weapon. Anxious to clear Patricia’s name and perhaps broker a truce with her, Carly would love to use her snooping skills to find the real killer. Only she has bigger problems to deal with—ghosts are flocking to her for help, including a very persistent Haywood Dodd…

I really hope there’s more to come with this series as I’ve really enjoyed it and this book was the best so far! The mystery was much more satisfying, as it kept me guessing most the way. The character interactions were also pretty fantastic, especially with the tension between Carly and Patricia, Dillon’s mother. This book had a lot of revelations and twists in it, making it feel almost like a last in the series, though there easily could be more and I hope there will be.

If you like the paranormal aspect, this book really delivers, since most of the mystery revolves around Carly and Delia helping ghosts cross over by resolving issues before they can move on. This lead to some heartwarming moments, some harrowing moments, and some hilarious moments. And best – it brought Delia back into the action a lot, which I had missed in the last book.

Overall, really great and I look forward to more (hopefully). I read it as an audio and Carla Mercer-Meyer really delivered great voices, along with the small-town southern feel.

4.5 stars I loved it

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