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Task-It-TuesdayWelcome to Task It Tuesday! hosted by the Awesome The Geeky Blogger

What is Task It Tuesday? It is where every week I list a task or tasks that I would like to accomplish on my blog or in Real Life before next Tuesday. It can be big or small but the goal is to get something done that will make my blog/reading life/challenges run smoother, faster, or more efficient and/or get those simple or complex tasks done in my real life.


So I have to skip the Christmas Movie Reviews this year since I am running out of space in December to put post. I don’t mind two posts a day but that is pretty much my limit, it’s a personal preference of mine. So I am super sad about it but I might start making notes so that next year I can plan ahead because those movies will forever be my favorite to watch during Christmas and I really want to share. Maybe I can do a Top Ten Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies post. (I just thought of that while I was typing this) I think I might do that.

I am still a bit behind but a bit ahead. A lot of the stuff I need to do doesn’t have to be done right this week but I do want to start getting the posts for Out with the Old, In with the New done since it is a lot of research and looking over old posts.

Next week will be my last Task it Tuesday for the year, I wont have a lot of time to complete a lot of Tasks in December just going to finish up the year so next weeks post will be a wrap up of all the stuff that need to be finished before Jan 1st.

My Task(s) this week:

  • Posts ~ November
    • 4 Month of Giving Thanks posts
    • COYER Sign Up Post
    • Write 4 reviews 2 reviews
    • Set Up Review Posts – 3 more to do out of 7 I had.
    • COYER Goal Post
    • Set Up Black Friday Giveaway Hop Post
  • Posts ~ December
    • Out with the Old in with the New Posts ~ 12 Posts
    • Top Ten Favorite Hallmark Christmas Movie Post
    • Set up template for Holiday Tradition and a Book
    • Make Logo for Holiday Tradition and a Book
    • Bookish Resolutions Sign Up Post
    • Bookish Resolutions Goal Post (do before Dec 1st)
    • 2016 Reading Assignment Sign Up Post
    • 2016 Reading Assignment Goal Post (almost done)
    • Bookish Resolutions end of year post
    • 2015 Reading Assignment end of year post
  • Posts ~ General
    • Reviews ~ Any Outstanding reviews to write
    • Fun Facts
    • Before the blog
    • My TBR list posts.
    • APP Reviews ~ I have a few I need to start writing but they are for next year
    • Write my NEW Author Spotlight Feature so I can start getting Authors Signed up.
  • Create a New Header for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Divider line for each month.
  • Spreadsheets ~ I need to update and finish this off completely so from now on it will be only updates.
  • Goodreads ~ I need to update my books.
  • Book Calendar ~ This is for ARCs but will be to keep track for next year
  • HTML/CSS/Design ~ I want to build the structure of the site this weekend and maybe start on the design of the header (I will be starting this in Jan – Fresh Year, Fresh Start)


Do you have tasks you want to complete? Head on over to The Geeky Blogger and jump on the linky

Have a great day! Name2014


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