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So many things about this one that I LOVED. I like it when things get personal and we get to know a character better. In Loyalty in Death, it’s Peabody’s turn. Squee! I love Peabody so much and it was so great having things hit a little closer to her.

Peabody’s brother is in town for this one and it was so fun to see her in big sister mode. I’m a protective big sister, of a somewhat creative and sometimes spacey/naïve little brother, so I totally related to her protective nervousness. And then there’s finally some forward momentum in the Peabody & McNabb situation. I won’t say how much, but I was pretty much laughing my ass off. But the best bit was seeing, once again, those moments of friendship and respect between Eve and Peabody. I love it when Peabody disarms Eve by saying genuine nice things and there’s several of those moments in Loyalty in Death.

The mystery and action in this one are also spot on. You’ve got one murder that is seemingly solved from the get-go, but something’s not quite right. And then you’ve got this terrorist organization calling themselves Cassandra – they’re on the move and they’ve picked Eve as the cop they’re going to tangle with. I think things got more intense here than they’ve been for me since Vengeance in Death. Once again, there was a moment that pushed me over the edge and put me in tears – but I may be a softy, you’ll have to let me know (if you’ve read it obviously) if you cried too.

I’ve gone from tolerating the narration to loving it. *shrugs* I guess 9 books in the narrator has sold me on the voices and now I only want Susan Erickson’s take on all their voices. They better never change it… which is a lot to ask for 41 books. But I’m asking it. This is going to be my last one for a little bit (NOTE: I wrote this review November 2015…). I don’t have any more of the books and I’m out of Audible credits until next month. Which is fine… I have so many other audio books to read. But it’ll be a short break, I’m anxious to read more in this series and it would be cool to be caught up by time the next one comes out (which I wasn’t which is okay).

4.5 stars I loved it

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