Moving Forward is working! ~ Task It Tuesday!

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Task it TuesdayWelcome to Task It Tuesday! created by the Awesome The Geeky Blogger

Hosted by Michelle at Because Reading is better than real life!

What is Task It Tuesday? It is where every week I list a task or tasks that I would like to accomplish on my blog or in Real Life before next Tuesday. It can be big or small but the goal is to get something done that will make my blog/reading life/challenges run smoother, faster, or more efficient and/or get those simple or complex tasks done in my real life. I will also be sharing organizing tips and linking with posts from bloggers that have some great tips and tricks for keeping you and your blog/real life organized.


Bloggiesta was last week, it helped me FINALLY get rid of this blogging slump and I now have most of April scheduled and going into May. I still have a lot of posts I want to do and I am excited that I feel like that again.

I want to apologize for not having the Purge list done yet. I did start it and then this weekend my husband and I did a bunch of stuff and I realized I did some stuff from the list. So I want to make it over again, so I will have a full list next with and fill in the blank spaces below with the 5 things I did this week/weekend. I apologize again but when my husband says “What do you need me to do”, it’s very rare and I take advantage of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am hoping to get a bunch of stuff done this week and weekend since it’s a free weekend of nothing to do, so I plan to blog like a crazy person.

My Task(s) To Do:

All completed tasks will have a strikethrough and will be deleted at the end of the month.

  • 30 day Purge ~ One week at a time
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5

Blogging Task List

  • Organizing
    • Spreadsheet ~ Come up with a new plan so I will be doing my spreadsheet.
    • Update Planner every Sunday with the weeks schedule <In Progress
    • Goodreads ~ I need to update all books
    • Organize my Kindle and put books in the correct collections.
    • Update Challenge Page
    • Organize two new challenges for this year
    • Organize new features ideas (in process of)
  • To Do:
    • Set Up 2ย review Posts for reviews already done
    • Autism Awareness Day Post <ย finish
    • Set Up 2 review Posts
    • Write 1 review
    • Set Up App Reviews
    • Set Up new post Binge Watched
    • Get Bloggiesta To-Do List ready < This is my must do this week
    • Organize for 24 hour read-a-thon
    • Work on my March TBR List Post
    • Set up a few Fun Facts Friday Post
    • Create Logos for New Features (in progress)
    • Create Logos for upcoming challenges.
    • Start planning each day of the 30 day Purge in April.
  • Other
    • Write my NEW Author Spotlight Feature
    • HTML/CSS/Design ~ This I figured would be slow going since I haven’t had time, hoping to get some stuff complete so I have free time to play around.

Real Life Task List < Some of these are going to have to wait since I will need money to do them however I am working on my spring cleaning list.ย 

  • Everyday Tasks
    • Get my list read for the 30 day purge which I will have on here next week.
  • Redo Living Room
    • New Couches
    • New Rug
    • New Bookshelf
    • Relayout room
    • Take down verticals and get curtains?
  • Bathroom
    • New Paint (it looks like a whore house)
    • New Shower curtain
    • New linens
  • Meal Planning
    • Go through my Shop at Home at Shoprite
    • Start planning meals for the week ahead (in progress)


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Are you ready to get organized?

Have a great day! Name2014

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17 responses to “Moving Forward is working! ~ Task It Tuesday!

  1. I am so glad to hear you’re out of your blogging slump and have lots of ideas and motivation for blogging again! I also got a nice chunk of April scheduled and just finished the Lola’s Ramblings posts for May as well.

    Oh and a new challenge and features? Sounds exciting! I always plan my meals a week ahead and it’s so handy. I only have to go grocery shopping once and buy everything for the next week and once I think of a dish i add it to the plan for the next week. And sometimes I spent the day before I go grocery shopping going through my recipes list on my blog or pinterest to fill in my meal plan. I considered doing a meal plan post as part of Lola’s Kitchen, but I figured it probably would take too much tweaking for people who didn’t like something or wanted meat instead of vegetarian.

    Good luck with all your tasks!

    • Maybe you can do more of a how to do a meal plan for those that want to start doing one. Even if it’s vegetarian just the idea of how to get started and how you do it might help someone else be motivated enough to do their own.

      Michelle recently posted: MIA, EASTER & Softball ~ WIR & TSP
  2. oh I’ll be visiting this feature from now on! I LOVE to do lists.. LOVE THEM LOVE THEM. ๐Ÿ™‚ yours is a little scary though LOL
    I’m in AWE of how many good ideas you have! You are redoing your living room [Nothing better than redoing things around you] and you want to come up with new features. Wow. You are one productive blogger Michelle! kudos! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m also starting a new monthly feature [A Book GENESIS] this Saturday to see if I advance my WIP so that WAS SUPPOSED to take most of my to do list this week BUT because I’m the way I’m I also joined the Camp NaNoWriMo which stars April 1st so that means I have to schedule a bunch of reviews and interviews because I have to focus on writing in April if I want to met my 20K goal ๐Ÿ™‚
    Unfortunately I didn’t prepare a “Task it Tuesday” post but I’ll try to do it this afternoon and link.

    • You made me laugh out loud…Mine is on going, so it’s stuff I want/need to do. I like to keep it here it makes it more doable. If I write it down I always forget to do it.

      I try to come up with new ideas often, might be why I co-host 5 challenges ๐Ÿ™‚ I love doing new things.

      The link is open for a week so you can link up anytime or just wait until next Tuesday. I do this every week ๐Ÿ™‚

      Michelle recently posted: MIA, EASTER & Softball ~ WIR & TSP
      • Haha, if I could handle stress I wouldn’t be on blood pressure medication at 34! I have been so out of sorts for the last several months, not just with my blog but with everything in my life. Contrary to what people who don’t do it might think, working at home is not easy. Being self employed is not easy. Those of us who do it get it. If you let yourself get complacent, things fall apart. And that was where I let myself get. I this week decided I need to make myself get up, have breakfast, and put on real clothes. I need to set myself a routine and try my hardest to stick to it, and I am working my blogging into that routine! So far it is working spectacularly and both are running more smoothly because of it. It was seeing what you were doing with this meme that got me to thinking about it, so thanks for inspiring me to get back on track.

        Lisa Pottgen recently posted: My Piece of the Puzzle (1)