Why Must it End? WTZ Unchained #audio #review

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Part of me really wants to mark White Trash Zombie Unchained down for being the last book, but that wouldn’t be fair. This was as good as the series – great seeing Angel and her dad growing into people who are reasonably well adjusted and have their lives together as well as anyone. I leave this book excited for Angel’s future and hoping we’ll get to see some of it in like a novella or something.

What Worked:

  • The zombie gators! Probably the most awesome thing in ALL 6 books!
  • Kang! Not to spoil things, but yes, he does have a role and yes, it is pretty great
  • Angel at school. I’m just so freaking proud of her and it was fun seeing her in action.The frogs were a great touch. (the reptile life in this book is high lol)
  • Everything that happened with the FBI. Like seriously, so funny and great.
  • Shamblers… gah, talk about creating a scary zombie. What I loved is that what makes it scary was not the threat to Angel, but to those she loved and her own feeling of responsibility. Made it hit harder.
  • Nick. Yes! I’m so happy for this development and the way Angel is struggling with it.
  • Angel’s dad on the game system 🙂
  • The narration by Allison McLemore is golden – she just makes this series come to life for me!

What Didn’t Work:

I have only reason it’s not 5 stars – I do feel that some of the threads came to a rushed conclusion. Like whoa, wait what?! Not bad, just could have been a little more gradually unfolded. But that’s probably in part because I wanted to savor the end.

If it’s not clear from the above, I loved this and it was all the little pieces and the way they came together that made it golden. So sad to see the series come to an end, but it was a satisfying end. Not that I’d complain if suddenly more books were coming! Definitely a series I will reread.

4.5 stars I loved it

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6 responses to “Why Must it End? WTZ Unchained #audio #review

  1. Oh, I get a little twitchy when resolutions come too easily…especially when they’re kind of important to the stories or series as a whole. But it seems like overall this was quite a listen! I’m going to give this series a go in audio. I think I’ll be able to handle zombies in audio! 😛

    • You’ll love the audio, it’s fantastic. And the Zombies are more like vampires than typical Zombies honestly. I feel confident you’ll enjoy it 🙂

    • I’ve never read her other series, so I can’t compare. But I’ve really enjoyed this one. Hope you get to try it!