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Beyond the Veil is a book I wanted to read so badly at one point that I owned it not only on ebook, but as an audiobook too. And then it sat there, unread for at least a year. So thank you for voting it in as my November read. As always, I’m a month behind (1 month is just too much pressure for me lol!) and I’m super happy to share this book with y’all. Those of you who kept voting for it, it was worth the wait, this was a good one!

So I did something I rarely do with Beyond the Veil, I used whispersync to read it in both formats. I don’t usually do this because I tend to like to stick to one format for my books. But I have to say, I enjoyed reading both ways and can’t say I preferred one over the other. The narration was very good – Hollie Jackson is a new narrator for me, I think, and I’ll definitely read more of her books.

I think one reason whispersync was a win for me this time was that I was so eager to see what would happen next. This is a very fast paced, high action story. From the get-go it’s fast and doesn’t really slow down. Sometimes it’s action that’s keeping it fast, at other times it’s the mind-fuck. Y’all I felt for Muse, the main character, because I really couldn’t figure out who to trust 99% of the time… so how was she?

I loved this world. Muse is part demon part human, living in the human world among humans who know that demons live among them, and yeah they don’t love it. I would have liked to see a bit more about how the average human is dealing with this fairly new knowledge, but that wasn’t the reality Muse lives in. She’s always known and would like people to NOT know she’s part demon. But as the book begins, her life of passing is coming to an end because she’s under attack and the trick is, who is trying to kill her? It could be any number of demons, as they HATE half demons; it’s very rare for one of them to survive infancy. She’s hated simply because of who she is.

The magic and the way the human and demon worlds overlap at times, conflict at others really made this interesting. And Muse trying to figure out who she could trust while running from Hell Hounds, Demons, elemental attacks just made this an almost perfect read. Definitely need to read more!

4.5 stars I loved it

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8 responses to “My TBR List #Review | Beyond the Veil

    • Agreed – the who can she trust stuff was so back and forth that it coild get redundant. And yet, it was unputdownable.

  1. I am glad this one was good and glad you like Hollie Jackson cause she will take over the Accidental series after a while, not sure which one. I like Hollie but it’s one of the reason I haven’t finished the Accidentals yet cause I liked the other narrator…lol. I will get back to it eventually as I have most of them. πŸ™‚

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    • Oh bummer. As much as I like her, I hate when they switch narrators mid series. You’ve come to know the characters with the one narrator. It’s like if all your friends voices suddenly changed!

    • Lol right?! I do that too, but I have to say I enjoyed doing it this time. May try it out more often. I definitely recommend you try this series and let me know what you think πŸ™‚