#Review Mistletoe Montana Books 1 – 3

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I couldn’t resist, sharing this series once I found it on Amazon. Each book is released one day at a time, there are 17 books in total and I will be reviewing them once a week. Here is the first 3 that where released last week.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
#Review Mistletoe Montana Books 1 – 3Santa's Cookies (Mistletoe Montana #1) by L. Nicole
Published by Amazon Digital Services Pages: 79
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Christmas was her favorite holiday. With the name Krissy Kringle, that was kind of a given.
Krissy was looking forward to Christmas. Sure, it would be quiet, and she’d be alone, opening up the electric blanket her sister got her for Christmas, but she didn’t mind. After the hours she’d been putting in, quiet and uneventful seemed like just the thing.
She sure didn’t expect a sexy stranger, to come crashing into her life. One look into his midnight eyes, and she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to snuggle up to him instead of her new blanket.
Maddox Holt didn’t care that it was close to Christmas. He had work to do and nothing was going to stand in his way. Especially not a curvy, sassy, bed and breakfast owner. He was a loner, who wasn’t looking for a woman--especially one that had forever written all over her.
Maddox didn’t believe in love. But Christmas is the holiday for miracles...

Krissy owns a B&B and really is tired of her life. All she does is take care of other people and just wants excitement in her life maybe even a chance…then Maddox Holt literally drives into her life and everything changes. I wasn’t sure at first because Maddox seemed a bit intense and maybe a little too angry/full of himself to be redeemable but once I really got into the story I sort of loved him and Krissy. This was such a short and sweet story and of course insta love like any good hallmark movie, just this had sex. Such a great read and super cute for a quick holiday read.

#Review Mistletoe Montana Books 1 – 3Winter Vibes (Mistletoe Montana #2) by Frankie Love
Published by Amazon Digital Services Pages: 61
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I'm a Christmas cliche if there ever was one.Hopelessly in love with Cole,
my brother's best friend
, dreaming of kisses (etc.) under the mistletoe.But since I can't have what I want, I'll have to let those dreams play out in my head.Or, rather, in my bed.Because this holiday I'm at a ski chalet with my family and Cole, and it's torture. How can I focus on shredding the powder when this hottie is so dang close?!Instead of hitting the slopes, I'm hitting the hay.So I say.Really I'm just busting out my battery-operated boy-toys and enjoying what I call "Christmas Miracles" alone in bed.Until Cole knocks on my door.Oh gosh, this might get awkward...

Dear Reader,It's no secret that Aspyn has the hots for Cole... but this snow bunny doesn't know his side of the story.He knows she's off-limits, but he has a Christmas package he wants her to unwrap.Screw the vibes this winter, it's time to charge the battery in your Kindle!xo, frankie

Aspyn has always been in love with her brothers best friend Cole, while on a skiing trip they finally reveal their feelings. I thought it was cute but super rushed. I know it was a short story I just felt like it was missing a good part of the build in characters but over all it was sexy and exactly what I thought it would be insta sex and a quick holiday read.

#Review Mistletoe Montana Books 1 – 3Her Christmas Soldier by Hope Ford
Published by Amazon Digital Services Pages: 58
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I don’t do forever. I don’t do Christmas.And I definitely don’t do emotions.I was a foster child that never had a home, never celebrated a birthday and never felt loved.So when my troops get a Christmas tin full of cookies, I send a thank you email.That’s what you’re supposed to do when you get a gift, right?But before I know it, I’m writing back and forth with a sweet, young woman that has hearts in her eyes.I wish I could give her what she wants, but I know that’s not me.She’s too young and too happy for the likes of me.She’s better off without me and I’m better off alone.That is, until she shows up at my door and gives me a glimpse of what I’ve been missing.I can be her Christmas Soldier… but now I’m wondering how I’m going to let her go.

Cassie wrote to Gavin for a year while he was in the army. When he finally comes home Cassie shows up at his house to give him the best christmas he has ever had.  She shows up to stay at his house for 2 days!!! Like she only wrote him a letter for a year and she basically barged into his house to eat, sleep and do christmas stuff….Ummmm….borderline creepy. While I thought it was ok, sort of, the back and forth between these two was ANNOYING. They both were so confused on how to feel, think or act, it was maddening. Like god gave you a mouth for a reason USE IT! This one wasn’t my favorite but it was an ok, quick holiday story.

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    • It’s the same town but I don’t see a crossover with characters. Only one I noticed is the book I am reading her sister has a story but I’m not sure about the rest yet.

    • Good thing they aren’t in an actual order, they are all standalone so it’s fine to skip one. I just didn’t feel the chemistry like I did in the other two.