My TBR List ~ ***Important Information*** Slight Change and your suggestion!

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So for the last 3 years (maybe more) My TBR List was always a monthly thing. It still is and always will be however, I might do a slight change about the last Saturday of the month.

Life gets in the way so often for me and I don’t get to read as much as I really want. I am sure it’s really hard for others to get a review up on the last Saturday of the month, especially when you only have three week in the month or have a ton of other books to read.

So my plan is instead of making the last Saturday of the month Post the review post on my blog, it will just be a link up for when you ahve the review ready, you don’t have to leave a review and the link will be open for a week or longer, so you have plenty of time to add it in. Can’t do a review? No problem, link it to a post that tells about how your reading is going or make a post that just says how you are liking the book so far and when you will be finished. Either way it doesn’t have to be a review. You can post a review for the book at any point. The point of the meme is for you to just read the book. If you find yourself not reading the book either? Well maybe you need a break from the meme because the reason for doing it is to read the book.

So from now on, I will have a post up that will explain how I am doing with the current read and if I am finished I will have a link to the review plus a link for you all to link your posts too. If you prefer to review on the last Saturday of the month….that’s awesome you can continue to do that but I feel like this would help a lot of people so they didn’t have to stick to such a strict schedule and give you time to read and enjoy the book everyone picked.

I believe it was Berls that would have you pick her October book but she wouldn’t review it until the last Saturday in November. So your reviews were a month later which gave you enough time to read and enjoy. That is the point of this meme, to read those books that you aren’t sure about reading or are having a hard time deciding. If the way Berls did it is something you would prefer, comment below and we can change the rules around a little.

Once again Thank you all for participating in the meme. I hope you really do love it as much as I do. I have no intentions of ever stopping this and just want to make it less stressful and easier for you to enjoy your book and just read.

So far I am loving Aurora Rising and will have a review of next week.

Don’t forget to comment below if you have any suggestion on how we can do the review part of this meme and make it more enjoyable for yourself and others.

Have a great day and Happy Reading! xx

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6 responses to “My TBR List ~ ***Important Information*** Slight Change and your suggestion!

  1. I know giving ourselves extra time to post the review would be easier for me personally. I generally am able to read the winning book within the month it wins, with one or two exceptions–and then I only went a few days over into the next month. My problem is posting the reviews timely. I think I have done it twice maybe–this month being one of those instances, which I am very proud of. LOL.

    This is my favorite meme, and I am glad it will be around for a long while yet!