My To-Be Read List 1/25/14

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I have SOOOOOOOOO many books on my TBR list
I decided that instead keeping it to myself
I will randomly pick one book each week from my TBR List to share with you 🙂
maybe it’s a book you read and HATE
or a book you LOVED
or a book you never heard of.
This week I picked…..

Since I did something hot and steamy last week I figured I would do somethings for the Middle Grade since it has been a while. Since I want to do the new feature with my kids this might be a good book to read with them. It looks really cute and has a lot of stuff they will enjoy plus the cover is adorable.
Cooper and Packrat: Mystery on Pine Lake 
by Tamra Wight
Hardcover, 150 pages
Published August 19th 2013 
 by Islandport Press 
Cooper thought living at a campground would be cool. But ever since his parents bought the lakeside campground, he’s had more chores and less time to explore. And as if babysitting his little sister and cleaning the bathrooms weren’t bad enough, his ex-friend Roy has chosen him as this summer’s bullying target. Cooper’s only bright spot this summer is his new friend, Packrat, a guy who carries the world in his coat pockets and leaves his troubles behind. But trouble has come to the Wilder Family Campground and Pine Lake, where a family of loons is building a nest. First, someone dams up the lake and floods the nest. Then, when Cooper and Packrat build a raft where the loons can make a new nest, it gets destroyed–by someone with big footprints. Someone is out to harm the loons. Is it the bully with a chip on his shoulder? The irritable camper with a shady past? Or the publicity-seeking reporter? It’s up to the boys to figure out who, why, and how to stop the culprit–before it’s too late. 
Author Tamra Wight has written a fast-paced eco-adventure mystery for middle-grade readers, accompanied by Carl DiRocco’s deft illustrations. Cooper and Packrat are kids with heart, who share a love of nature and curiosity about the world around them. But they also live in the real world, where there are family problems to work out, friendships to earn, tough choices to make, and mysteries to solve!
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How cute does that sound. I think an 8 year old boy would love to read or listen to someone read him this I adore the fact the kids name is Packrat and all his stuff is in his coat. They seem like such cute characters. This is surely a must read with the kids…don’t you think.
Have you heard of this book?
Have you read it?
If so, is it something I should read soon or not read at all?
Lets Chat 🙂
Thanks for stopping by for this weeks My To Be Read List
Check back Saturday for a new featured book!!

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