January 2019 was the longest month ever…it’s also freezing. #thesundaypost

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Week in READview:

This week was FREEZING! On Thursday we hit -20 degrees which isn’t as bad as some areas but still really cold. The school was closed on Thursday for my daughter but my son had a delayed opening. We had a small blast of snow on Wednesday that caused white out conditions for about 20 minutes before it stopped. The last week of the longest January ever was really weird.

My parents are coming by today to watch the Superbowl. I do this every year with them and make some fun food to eat. I will also be watching the Kitten and Puppy Bowl because I can’t resist watching puppies and kittens run around.

Worked on Blogging stuff this weekend and got a few posts finished. Still about a week ahead on posts so for now I am good with that, plus I am working with no real pressure to avoid any slumps again. Sundays at the moment are my best visiting days and I am enjoying checking out all your weeks in review. 🙂

Played a few games this week but now my Steam gaming app isn’t working anymore, I am so bummed. I hope they are going to fix it because I don’t appear to be the only one having an issue. I also lost all my data for the games i was playing, I was having so much fun too. Been playing Star Stable also so I will just play that for now until I can get my Terarria back. I was able to fix it, it was suggest that it was a font issue causing Steam not to open so I closed all the fonts but apparently it was a font not active that was causing it not to load. So I did get some great Star Stable playing in and was able to train my horses but this week is all about Terarria! I have some caves to explore and zombies to kill.

I am finding balance again in my life and have found ways to push down the anxiety. I still have minor setbacks but overall doing so much better than 2018. Just taking things slowly. 🙂

What I am watching:


Lately I have been addicted to Home and Family on the Hallmark channel. I usually watch them after work on DVR because I love the cooking segments and a few other things that they do. They recently made coffee creamer that I am DYING to try. Did you know if you soak raisins in milk, almond milk or coconut milk you can make condensed milk. NEITHER DID I! I need to try that and make the creamers they look so good. Here is the recipe if you are interested.

Reading News:

I rocked reading in Jan, I am so excited but had a complete genre shift. I can’t seem to get enough fantasy and/or SciFi. I still love my RH but it’s all about Fantasy, as far away from reality as I can get. This world just sucks at the moment and I need an escape.

Check these out:

Nothing to share this week but if you have a moment, would you be able to stop by My TBR List Post and give a vote for which book you think I should read this month.


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What I grabbed

Nothing this week since last week I went crazy! 🙂 lol

Last Week on the Blog:

What you might see this week:

  • Book Report ~ Month 1 of Year 2019.
  • Review of The Darkest Day book 1 and 2
  • My TBR List Winner

Just for Fun:


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


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21 responses to “January 2019 was the longest month ever…it’s also freezing. #thesundaypost

  1. Wow -20 that’s really cold. I heard about the polar vortex that hit the states, but wasn’t sure if you would get cold weather too. That kitten and puppy bowl sounds fun to watch and I hope you had a great time with your family watching it all.

    Sundays are my best visit days usually too. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your games, but that’s annoying about the steam app issue, good that you got it fixed.

    It really is a struggle sometimes to balance everything, glad to hear you’re doing okay mostly. I think it’s normal to have a few minor setbacks sometimes.

    I hope February is a good month for you!

  2. I love you just for fun picture – so me. Like yes – me. I get so distracted at times. I had my family over for SB Sunday but for something else so I just saw bits and pieces of the game. I used to watch the puppy bowl when my kids were small cause they loved it and would yell at the tv for them to move. It really was cute. Have a wonderful week.


  3. Yeah, what is up with Christmas movies, like we didn’t have a whole two months of them! I know you love it but I was staring at the TV going what the heck! I am all about the mysteries on Hallmark and Mystery channel so you can have your Christmas…lol. 🙂

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #233
  4. Good riddance to January! And isn’t it sad I almost FORGOT about the Super Bowl being this weekend? I used to love watching it but this year I’m just kinda meh. Maybe it’s just the teams I’m ambivalent about. Anyway the Kitten and Puppy Bowl are much more popular around here these days!

    Terraria sounds kinda awesome???

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #283
    • My husband is a football fan no matter who is playing so he does football pools. The Kitten bowl was really cute, I love they had special needs cats on .

      Terraria is awesome. It’s bitmapped characters and you just need to survive and explore. They have zombies, pirates, flying eyeballs, angry snowmen and sometimes evil bunnies. It’s a great game. I used to play it with my son now we play on the computer but I currently have my own world I am exploring. so much fun! 🙂

  5. I alternated between thinking January was the longest month ever and wondering where the hell it went. I was so busy most of the time. Ugh.

    I saw somewhere on Twitter about Steam being down or something, but the boys didn’t say anything so either they weren’t playing on it or they just didn’t say anything about it. lol

    I hope you have a fantastic week, Michelle! XOOX

  6. I’m with you on fantasy books being the best escape.
    I’m glad you’ve found a way to calm your anxiety and things are going well this year. My anxiety is running rampant and trying to throttle me at every other moment which is a complete turn-around from 2018 in which I was predominantly calm and under control. 🙁

    We don’t have superbowl madness here but interestingly they DO show it live on TV. My cousin is American Football nuts and is a HUGE Patriots fan so he’s absolutely giddy at them being in another superbowl… I think he’ll actually cry when Brady retires. 🙄

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #46