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MyTBRListWe sit for hours looking through our TBR lists wondering when we will ever get to that one book we were dying to read when we added it 3 months ago or maybe even a year. As our piles get bigger we realize there is just not enough time in a day to read all the books that we wanted to read. So I had a great idea, pick 3 books from my TBR Pile and have you all pick which one I should read next. This is a month MEME and you are more than welcome to join be my posting your voting post in the linky below. Need the rules? No problem you can find them all right HERE. Don’t forget to stop by the blogs on the linky below to help them vote on there next read!

So this month Berls over at Fantasy is More Fun has picked three books for me. These are 3 books she wants me to read so instead of me picking which one, I am going to let you do it for me.

So this month I picked



The Holdout
by Laurel Osterkamp
Paperback, 236 pages
Published September 9th 2013 by Preventive Measures


Robin wanted to win The Holdout, a cutthroat reality TV show, so she gave it her all, challenge after challenge. Then she fell for Grant, with his irresistible eyes and heartbreaking life story. But Grant was only using Robin as they competed for a million dollars. Once home, Robin wants to hide from the humiliation as episodes of The Holdout are aired, and she worries her family was right all along; she’s not a survivor. Or maybe she’ll have the last laugh Besides, Robin now has jury duty. And as she forges ahead, confronting her demons about bravery, justice, and romance, Robin will come to decide which is more important: the courage to stand alone, or the strength to love again. Laurel Osterkamp’s award winning novels have been hailed as funny, intelligent, snarky and poignant. She is the author of four novels and two novellas, including the November Surprise series, which, like The Holdout, features the Bricker family. Laurel was recently on a federal jury, and she loves watching Survivor.

17602565A Moment (Moments #1)
by Marie Hall

Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Published March 12th 2013 by Marie Hall Publishing


A chance meeting… Life didn’t turn out the way I’d ever hoped it would. I got pregnant at 14. Same year my mom got diagnosed with MS. Dad bailed on us and my life felt like it suddenly started to spiral out of control. I’m 21 now, I go to college, I work hard, trying to make something of myself. I wasn’t supposed to be at that burlesque bar Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t supposed to meet Ryan Cosgrove, but I did. And now nothing will ever be the same. Love born from pain… I’m a retired Marine, an MMA fighter, and when I was younger something terrible happened to me. Life is hard and I’m so tired of pretending its not. I’m in a burlesque bar, drowning my sorrows, trying to shut out the demons breathing down my neck always reminding me I’m not good enough. Then I see Liliana Delgado and something inside of me- something I’d thought long dead- stirs to life. I wonder… can she save me? I hope she can, because I don’t think I can save myself. This is our moment…


The Wright Brother
by Marie Hall
ebook, 250 pages
Published September 19th 2014 by Marie Hall Publishing


From the moment I opened my eyes I could only see the world in shades of gray. There was no noise, no sound, nothing. Deaf and colorblind, I was a loner. My world was bleak, silent and empty, until her. Until I met my neighbor, Elisa Jane Adrian. I want her. I need her. The fractured part of me feels whole when she’s around. Like the world isn’t so dark, isn’t so bleak, and so still. I know it’s impossible, but when I look at Elisa I swear I can see color, can hear the gentle inhalations of her breath. I know she feels it too, this magic, this desperate desire…

I first saw him when I was three. Julian Wright was different than any other guy I’d ever known. He sees the world in a way I know I never will. But he intrigues me. The way he looks at me with his sea green eyes, how he hypnotizes me with his smile.

It’s dangerous these feelings I have for him. Reckless and stupid. I’m so much older than him, I know better. And I’ll fight these desires, no one will ever know how I feel. I’ll even pretend to myself that I’m not as hooked on him as he is on me.

I’ll move away to Ireland, I’ll forget him, but that’s the thing about the Wrights, they have a way of getting under your skin, into your soul, and no matter the time or distance, once a Wright sets their eyes on you, there’s no going back…ever.



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Have a great day and Happy Reading!


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22 responses to “My To-Be Read List ~ Lets Vote ~ May

  1. Ok, none of these are ones I would read, so this was tough. However, A Moment is the one I would pick if these were the last 3 books on Earth. Of course, if they were the last 3 books then I’d end up reading them all, but well, you know what I mean. LOL

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: The Sunday Post ~ 91st Edition
  2. Okay, Michelle – this was really NO FAIR!! They all 3 sound great. But TWO Marie Hall novels?!? REALLY?? (yes, shouty-caps are very much called for! πŸ˜‰ ) So I ended up voting for The Wright Brother because even though Berls LOVES ALL things Marie Hall, this was a book I one-clicked because it made her think of ME in particular. I have A Moment on my kindle as well though, so… And now I will have The Holdout on my tbr because I hadn’t heard of it and I’m intrigued. Plus, I know the author from my days of managing the Teen dept at B&N. πŸ™‚ I hope whichever book is chosen ROCKS for you. But I’m really pulling for Marie Hall. πŸ˜‰

    p.s. I giggled over your initial paragraph and the ‘maybe even a year’…I have books *still* on my nook from 2010!! bwahahahaha

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: My TBR List ~ May ~ What Should I Read Next?
    • Remember it was not me who picked these books so you can totally blame Berls lol/
      I am good with whatever book is picked however I am hoping its the Wright Brother πŸ™‚

      I only picked a year because I didn’t want to go to crazy because we all have books we wanted to read on our TBR FOREVER lol

      Michelle recently posted: Monthly Rewind ~ April
  3. I picked the Wright Brother, maybe because it was talked about on the Facebook page. πŸ™‚ I like thinking about what the guy must experience being colorblind and how that would influence his view of the world.

    Sarah recently posted: May My To-Be Read List
  4. Oh I like the new cover for the holdout, it was different when I read it! Its funny all these books have different covers – I like the white one the best for the Wright brother, but the one you picked is ok. So excited to see which one you’ll be reading! I need to vote but the survey isn’t working from my phone, so I’ll be back πŸ™‚

    Berls recently posted: My TBR List | May 2015 Voting
  5. What a fun idea to let someone else choose three books for this meme. I voted for A Moment as I like the cover and it sounds like a good book, but the other two option look good as well!

    Lola recently posted: My To-Be Read List #9: poll
    • It was a fun way for Kim and I to do out Shotgun reviews, I am REALLY bad at it since I have so much to read but the good thing is my reading mood has changed and these are just the type of books I am looking forward to reading πŸ™‚ So it will be fun to see which on gets picked.

      Michelle recently posted: Blog Ahead Kick Off Post!