National Book Lovers Day! #giveaway

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Happy National Book Lovers Day!

I am super excited to be able to share with you the love of books. When I started this blog I had no idea the world that would open up to me and how much I would love doing this and how much I honestly loved reading. I have read everything from Chapter books to Middle Grade to Young Adult and Romance. I even read some super steamy books that would make my grandmother blush…maybe, she was sort of dirty so she might have enjoyed them.

Recently I found a new type of book I have been really enjoying. Proper Romance Novels, I am loving how developed the characters are and how they build on the relationship. A lot of romance speed through the relationship to get to the sex but since proper doesn’t have any you really get to see the characters come together.

During my trip to BEA in Chicago is when I cam across Shadow Mountain Publishing. (this isn’t an ad for the publishing company, however I am partnered with them to give away the two books below) I never heard of proper romance or at least never really paid attention but I was so interested in one of there books and wanted to read it so badly. I was given an advanced copy of the bookBeauty and the Clockwork Beast and fell in love with the story and the relationship built. Reading romance for so long it was refreshing to read a slow build between the characters. It has made my love for reading even stronger each time I find a new type of book to love.

Below I am giving away two Proper Romance Novels, it’s super easy to enter. They are paperback books and YES I am leaving it open for international readers. If you are an avid reader and love a good story with a slow build I think you will want to enter this giveaway. Plus, I read the Vicar’s Daughter and it was VERY good. Enter for your chance to win! Good Luck!


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I hope you are able to read a lot of books on this National Readers Day!

Have you recently found a new genre that you are loving?

Have an amazing day and Good Luck!

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10 responses to “National Book Lovers Day! #giveaway

  1. I need to share some of my romances with you, Michelle, because there are a lot where there is hardly any sex at all, where the story concentrates on the character development and how they engage each other 🙂
    I had never heard the ‘proper’ part before, I’ve heard ‘clean’ and that just kind of irked me. Romances that do have sex in them aren’t ‘dirty’ so why should the ones without sex be ‘clean’?
    Both your giveaway books sound good 🙂

    • I believe I like the term proper better. I don’t believe the sex is dirty. I do like my romance books with sex 🙂 but sometimes a proper romance is nice to squeeze in.

      I have read stories that aren’t sex driven also but have a lot of development. I noticed after fifty shades a lot of books deal with sex, I don’t mind it at all but some of just way more sex than it should be, almost making the entire story about sex, I like my sex to have a story. I enjoy these because it has the romance and the relationship build but the settings are great.

  2. I too have never heard of ‘proper romance’. Is it anything like “sweet romance”?

    I’m glad there are romance books out there that don’t describe a lot of physical intimacy. Sometimes it gets to the point where I wonder if a book is a romance with sex or a long bout of sex with a little romance thrown in. That’s when I usually stop reading. And hubs recently saw his mom’s Kindle laying on the counter at her house and glanced at it when he went by…and it had some definitely more-than-vanilla activities going on. (I think he’s scarred for life! *ROFL*)

    Anyway, thank you and Shadow Mountain for sponsoring this giveaway. A perfect way to celebrate today – and Happy National Book Lovers’ Day!