November Challenges 2014

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IMG_2391See all those pretty colors this is my November Calendar. I am so excited for everything going on this month, I decided on putting it all in one post with updates on my Week In READ-view on Sundays or Random Posts through the month. So here are the challenges I will be doing this month

A Month of Giving Thanks hosted by Berls (Fantasy is more fun) & Myself

A Month of Giving ThanksThis is the event I am hosting with Berls from Fantasy is more fun. It is a month of Giving Thanks it’s not a real challenge but each day I will be posting either a blogger or author and just telling you why I am Thankful for them. It’s a great way to show appreciation when you can’t always say it plus it’s a great way to introduce people to blogs/authors they might not know. This post will have no updates, just check my blog everyday for a new blogger/author!

Blog Ahead (NaNoWriMo Bloggy Style) hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup

squareI have always wanted to do NaNoWriMo but just can’t get the story together in my head so when I saw this come up bloggy style I thought OMG I must do it. The main idea is to schedule as many posts as you get before Dec 1 so if you have 5 posts already scheduled then by Dec 1st you will have 30. So you do a post a day. My plan is to try to schedule as much as possible, I have a few new features I need to get moving on and this is the perfect motivation. My son is also helping with a new feature and I have a few other ideas that I have been tossing around so this is the perfect time to set them up and schedule them. I also plan to do a few Preposts as well I have a lot of books I will be reading this month and I want to at least set up the review so it’s ready to pop in the reviews when they are written so even of I have a bunch of scheduled post and a few set up posts I will be very happy.

NetGalley November hosted by K-Books


I wasn’t able to do Netgalley November last year so I was so excited it came back this year. I have so many books I want to get to and I have a Ratio that makes me want to cry πŸ™‚ I was going to list the books that I was going to read but that will be posted in my Monthly Rewind post next week. I am hoping to read about 8 books I know it wont get me to the 80% but it will help me get up a little higher than I am at the moment and that would make me very happy.

Have you signed up for any challenges this month?

Have a great day!


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11 responses to “November Challenges 2014

  1. I’m doing Blog Ahead too. It’s going well so far, but as always, I could be doing better. I’ll be happy if I’m even a week ahead though. It seems like I’m always trying to get posts ready at the last minute. I’ve been ahead once or twice, but then I get lazy and don’t write any posts because I have that cushion. Then I’m right back where I started…night before.

    • I didn’t realize how far behind I was until I started trying to be ahead lol. I have a bunch of posts to get done for November this week and then I should be good to start the blog ahead, I am VERY disappointed with how bad I am doing. Haven’t done one blog ahead post yet πŸ™

    • I am doing Ho Ho Ho too. Just have that as a seperate post next week! and the three books are from Netgalley so it takes care of two challenges lol πŸ™‚

  2. I am participating in Blog Ahead as well, I really like the idea of getting ahead with blogging. I usually am a bit ahead, but I would like to keep it that way and keep my scheduled posts number around 15.
    I participated in Netgalley November last year and managed to get quite some netgalley books read. Nowadays I have so less time to read so I didn’t sign-up this year.
    Good luck with all your challenges this month! It sure seems like a popular month for challenges!

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