Our #AuthorLuv2018 Goals

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AuthorLuv2018 is all about catching up with a favorite author that somehow you just haven’t managed to keep up with. For details on the challenge, check out the sign up post.

Michelle’s Goals

This challenge I finished a LOT of last year. I think I missed it by 3 books. I actually love the idea of spending an entire year focusing on one amazing author and exploring the worlds they create.  This year I am going with an author that I have been reading a bit of. I read ARCs of her Fairytale Steampunk series and I am loving her writing and want to explore more of the worlds that she creates. The two main series that I plan to read is The Harvesting and The Airship Racing Chronicles. The Author that I am picking is Melanie Karsak. I know she has more in the Fairytale series coming out so I will add those as the year goes on. You can see my list on the goodreads shelf…HERE. I will add more books as she adds them, I really can’t get enough of her writing and so excited that I found her and decided to read her books this year.

Berls’s Goals

I love this challenge because there are so many authors that I’d love to get and stay current with – and the hard part is definitely getting caught up! I started this year with the goal of reading all of JA Huss’s series and, while I didn’t make that goal, I made amazing headway. So I’ve decided to stick with JA Huss this year, but my goal this year is to read ALL THE HUSS. That’s a lot y’all, but I think I can do it. 2018 will officially be my Year of Huss 🙂

I’ll update this as I make progress… and as she publishes more, seeing as she’s an extremely prolific writer.


Is there an author you’d love to spend a year catching up with? Who? Join Us!

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8 responses to “Our #AuthorLuv2018 Goals

    • As long as it’s over 5 you are ok. You can commit to as many as they have out. So as long as they have 5 books you can join but really it’s to try and read as many as you can from that one author.

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