Our #AuthorLuv2018 Goals

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AuthorLuv2018 is all about catching up with a favorite author that somehow you just haven’t managed to keep up with. For details on the challenge, check out the sign up post.

Michelle’s Goals

This challenge I finished a LOT of last year. I think I missed it by 3 books. I actually love the idea of spending an entire year focusing on one amazing author and exploring the worlds they create.  This year I am going with an author that I have been reading a bit of. I read ARCs of her Fairytale Steampunk series and I am loving her writing and want to explore more of the worlds that she creates. The two main series that I plan to read is The Harvesting and The Airship Racing Chronicles. The Author that I am picking is Melanie Karsak. I know she has more in the Fairytale series coming out so I will add those as the year goes on. You can see my list on the goodreads shelf…HERE. I will add more books as she adds them, I really can’t get enough of her writing and so excited that I found her and decided to read her books this year.

Berls’s Goals

I love this challenge because there are so many authors that I’d love to get and stay current with – and the hard part is definitely getting caught up! I started this year with the goal of reading all of JA Huss’s series and, while I didn’t make that goal, I made amazing headway. So I’ve decided to stick with JA Huss this year, but my goal this year is to read ALL THE HUSS. That’s a lot y’all, but I think I can do it. 2018 will officially be my Year of Huss 🙂

I’ll update this as I make progress… and as she publishes more, seeing as she’s an extremely prolific writer.

Books I’ve Read

Books I Still Need to Read

I’ll add images when I’ve read them and they move above…

  1. Three, Two, One (Rook and Ronin Universe)
  2. Eighteen: 18 (Stand alone)
  3. Sexy 18
  4. Sexy (Stand Alone)
  5. Meet Me in the Dark (Rook and Ronin Universe)
  6. Wasted Lust (Rook and Ronin Universe)
  7. Rock
  8. Losing Francesca
  9. Happily Ever After: A Day in the Life of the HEA (Rook and Ronin #3.5)Wait to read After Guns and Wasted Lust
  10. Mr. & Mrs. (Mister #6)Plan to read in April
  11. Come (Dirty, Dark, and Deadly #1)Next up in Rook & Ronin Universe
  12. Come Back (Dirty, Dark, and Deadly #2)
  13. Coming for you (Dirty, Dark, and Deadly #3)
  14. Bomb: A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike (Rook and Ronin Spinoff #3)
  15. Guns: The Spencer Book (Rook and Ronin Spinoff #4)Plan to read in June
  16. Sin with Me (Original Sin #1)
  17. Angels Fall (Original Sin #2)
  18. Flesh Into Fire (Original Sin #3)
  19. Passion Rising (Original Sin #4)
  20. Total Exposure (Jordan’s Game #1)
  21. The Pleasure of Panic (Jordan’s Game #2)
  22. The Boyfriend Experience (Jordan’s Game #3)
  23. Anarchy Missing (SuperAlpha #2)Currently Reading
  24. Anarchy Chained (SuperAlpha #3)Plan to read in April
  25. The Magpie Bridge (Just Junco #4.5)Plan to read in May
  26. Return (Just Junco #5)Plan to read in May

Is there an author you’d love to spend a year catching up with? Who? Join Us!

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