Our Picks for Can you read a series in a Month? #seriesinamonth

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Michelle’s Pick

I failed May’s Challenge of Can you read a series and for most you know why. So I figured I would be super ambitious with Septembers challenge because why not. It’s been a long time since I sat down and binge read a series. I am totally all in to do this and did I pick some chunky books! While I know I can’t actually win the gift card but my thought is even if I can get to book three I am counting at a win for me. This series was purchased for me by my family and has been watching me from my shelf ever since. I am ready to dive in on September 1st.

My Series Pick is….

Each books is over 600 pages, well the first book is 604, the other two are 700+ and 800+. Cheer me on friends because I can do this! lol

Berls’s Pick

This is the only challenge I always seem to do well with, perhaps because I love to binge read series. Possibly because I am very strategic in picking my series? Whatever the reason, I’m excited to go for it with another series. I’ve picked out the Always Satisfied series by Lauren Blakely.

So far, everything I’ve read by her, I’ve really enjoyed and read quickly. As a bonus, with the exception of 1 book, the entire series is available on my Audible Escapes. And the books average about 7 hours, which is usually a quick read for me. I’m including the shorts/novellas, but if I get pressed for time, I might skip some. I’m a completionist though, so probably not lol!

Are you planing to join the challenge?

What series are you going to read

Have a great day and Happy Reading!


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4 responses to “Our Picks for Can you read a series in a Month? #seriesinamonth

  1. Woohoo, Michelle! You are taking that bull by the horns. Go get her done!

    Glad this series get your binging mojo going strong, Berls. I like to read all the novellas between, too.

    I’m in with you gals for a trilogy boxed set I’ve been meaning to get to- The Marilyns by Katie Graykowski and if I have time I’ll slip some of the related books in.