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My ReviewOne year ago an Author asked me to read her books. They were short novellas the story centered on a young girl named Willie and her finding out about her heritage as a Native American. Chelsea Falin was actually my first blog tour on my blog so when she asked if anyone was interested in reading the 3rd book in the series how could I say no. This is a story that has so much heart and some really amazing characters that after a year I still think about them. I was so very excited to be able to read Great Strides the 3rd book in the Growing Roots series.

Oh Willie how I missed you, this book starts right were the last book left off with Willie going to spend some time with her father. She had finally been reacquainted with and was sad that she was leaving her family and friends but looking forward to spending the time with her father. The book is told in mostly Willies POV but it jumps around a little to each characters, I loved reading in other characters POV, I did get confused once in a while who was talking but it didn’t take to long to figure out who it was. I think the story being told like this give you a great idea of what everyone has been doing since last we saw them and also gave us an inside about her father and how he was feeling about his relationship with Willie. We are introduced to a few new characters and as much as I missed the old gang and the hanging out. I enjoyed the new characters and how much they bring to the story. It was nice to see what Jack, Spike and Dakota was doing and how things in their new apartment were, you can tell Spike still loves Willie. You get to catch up with Willie’s BFF Deanna and a couple of new babies are born 🙂

The story gives you a great inside look at Native American life then and now. Plus I was starving while I was reading this book. I wanted country fried steak, corn bread and sweet tea. Once again Willie grows a little more in this book and since book 1 she has made some amazing chance and I love watching her “grow up”. She goes through a lot of first in this book and I loved seeing her reaction to them all. I actually am quite fond of Nash but in my opinion I like Spike.

Great Strides is just as heartwarming and wonderful as the first two books. Watching Willie grown up is something I am looking forward too and I can’t wait to see were Chelsea takes the characters next and I am looking forward to seeing how life chances for Willie when she gets home

I gave Great Strides by Chelsea Falin 4/5 stars this is such a great series with so much heart and soul. This series lets you into the life of a strong Native American family that is filled with love, friendship, growth and pride.


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2 responses to “Review ~ Great Strides by Chelsea Falin

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Michelle! I’m so glad you enjoyed ‘Great Strides’ and I will definitely be contacting you when the fourth volume is out! (I’m estimating December of this year or January of next.) I really can’t express how much your support means to me! 🙂 Thanks again!