My To-Be Read List 3/1/14

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Each week I will randomly pick one book each week from my TBR List to share with you :)

maybe it’s a book you read and HATED or a book you LOVED

or a book you never heard of. Either way tell me what you think and lets chat books

This week I picked…..
Is from an author I adore. I read her book Death of a Mad Hatter (Which you MUST read by the way, It’s amazing, heres my review) So I am really excited to have this book on My TBR list this week. I am looking forward to reading this book at some point. If you don’t know Sarah J. Peppers work you must look her up besides being an absolute darling and a total sweetheart she is also a fantastic storyteller and writer.

16079615Forgotten (The Fate Trilogy)

by Sarah J. Pepper
Paperback, 396 pages

Published October 5th 2012 by Neximus Publishing

His perseverance unnerved me, scrutinizing my every move like a twisted guardian angel. Jace waited patiently for me to join him. Like he knew my defiance would crumble under his intense gaze, which was exactly why I avoided him…until twilight. He hijacked my dreams and proved to be a different kind of nightmare – unhinged, rebellious, and dangerously mouth-watering.
“Escape from reality, Gwyneth. Sometimes life can be too painful to live in, even for immortals,” Jace whispered in my dream. His heat, fervor, and unrelenting confidence resonated around me when he closed the gap between us. His lips hovered above mine, waiting for me to give into him.
Gwyneth’s chronicle began long before she witnessed her family being brutally murdered and lost her sight. Living as an orphan, her world is anything but black and white. She sees her vivid future that promises suffering and death. Cursed with these visions, Gwyneth pretends to be like everyone else, until a dangerously charismatic, young man walks into her life. From the moment Jace lays eyes on her, he refuses to believe Gwyneth is normal. He knows information about her past that only a psychopathic stalker could dig up. He reveals her dirty secrets. Unbeknownst details of Gwyneth’s former life unfurl.
Unsure of what to believe, Gwyneth searches for answers that lead to her inconceivable fate. However, the ancient truth she uncovers is more dangerous than any high school romance she’d bargained for. Gwyneth is drug into an inevitable battle brewing between immortal Gods and ageless Hunters – both of which have sworn to swear to kill her if deemed necessary.
The synopsis really catches my interest but I really want to see how it all plays out. This is a series and I love how the next book look. I think I’ll feature it next week 🙂
Have you heard of this book?
Have you read it? (probably not since it’s not out yet)
If so, is it something I should read soon or not read at all?
Lets Chat :)
Thanks for stopping by for this weeks My To Be Read List
Check back Saturday for a new featured book!!

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  1. I’m stopping by today tell you that I have nominated you for the Working to change the World award! You can read more HERE! If you do not want to participate or have already participated in the past then just let me say that I really enjoy you blog and I hope you’re having a great day. I couldn’t help myself from nominating you! I just bough Death by a Mad Hatter and I can’t wait to start reading it! Take care!

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