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Week of May 15th 2022

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News at Home

Sunday – Monday

Sunday I was just emotionally and physically beat. I did the bare minimum – Dante’s laundry, grocery pickup, and meal prep. I setup my BUJO for the week and took Dante for a walk on his tricycle (it’s one where I can push it from behind and he learns to pedal). Kiko went to see his brother – they recently learned that his brother has prostate cancer, so he’s trying to be there for him. Which meant it was just me and Dante for a few hours. Normally fine, but I was so beat and Dante was fussy. We did our best. On the plus, we all got to bed on time.

I woke up this morning so emotional. I did my workout – I do zumba on days I work from home and usually it gets me into such a great mood. But today it wasn’t enough. Dante woke up so happy though and that was nice – with the exception of teeth brushing (which I always have to hold him down for basically), we got off to a great start. I was working (sort of, very distracted today) when my brother called. My mom had called him. If you recall my mother is BAD NEWS. The short version — > She lived with me for more than 5 years, during which time I tried to help her get on her feet and instead she stole from and lied to me. When she finally left, she got involved with Scott who was into drugs and other bad things. Fast forward to when I was pregnant and she wanted to be involved. I told her she could be if she removed Scott from her life and made good choices. She lied to me and when I found out that was it. She’s seen Dante 3 or 4 times total and not since he was about 6 months old. She’s reached out a few times, almost always needing saving of some sort. The last few times, she hasn’t even bothered calling me because I’ve made it explicitly clear that she has burnt that bridge and I have Dante to care for and protect (unfortunately from her). Fast forward to today –> She called Phil via a shelter that she’s at in Florida of all places. We have no idea when or how she ended up in Florida. But apparently, she’s trying to run away from Scott (again). And this shelter has a program to help women escape abusive relationships; they are willing to buy her a bus ticket back to Dallas, but someone has to get her when she arrives. And they called Phil. I told Phil that it’s up to him, but under no circumstances would I be involved. He told her fine, I’ll pick you up; but you need to have a plan because you’re not staying with me. He even put her in touch with her brother in Houston and he said no. That’s how many bridges she has burnt. Quite frankly, I have enough to worry about these days without her adding to it. She mentioned Dante to Phil and he told her not to hold her breath, it was going to take a lot to earn back my trust, if she possibly could. So we’ll see what she does. I’m not even hoping anything.

My therapist messaged yesterday and said she had an appointment become available for today and thank goodness, because boy did I need it. I cried pretty much the whole hour. And by the end, I did feel a lot better. I’m just very overwhelmed about Dante and scared for his future and just… it’s a lot. I’m so scared of failing him. And I’m struggling to not be crippled under the weight of the pressure and fear. Oh and I also heard back from Sam’s club finally (I sent a follow up email this morning). They are still working on my offer. Feel like it must be complicated and that worries me… but we’ll just wait and see.  Dante had a great day at school – he started his new class full time today and I think it’s going to be really good for him. And his therapist came today and she reported that he did great – lots of imitation, vocalization, and he even said “bye, bye.” I cried when I got her update text. Ugh I’m emotional! After dinner, took Dante for a nice walk on his tricycle again and he was laughing and babbling. He made my evening a happy one when I’ve been emotional all day. Hoping to get a good night’s sleep and wake up less emotional!

Tuesday – Saturday

Well, I guess I was busy since it’s Saturday evening and I’m just now getting a chance to hop on and write any updates! Tuesday evening I got the job offer – and it was shockingly good. I had been hoping it would be at least what I currently make, but it was significantly over what I make. I asked for the health insurance details because with Dante’s diagnosis we need ABA therapy which is several hundred thousand dollars a year without insurance — and was expecting it wouldn’t be as good as what I have currently because I work at an academic medical center. So imagine my surprise when I discovered it was actually a big improvement as well. So I accepted the offer! I can’t believe I’m going to be a developer for Sam’s Club! Wow. The timing is both perfect and awful. Perfect in that we really need this income increase, improved insurance, and greater job flexibility. Awful in that I already have so much going on with Dante’s diagnosis and I don’t know what my life is going to look like with his therapy but I do know that I’ll be learning a new job, so that’s a lot. On Friday my background check cleared and they offered me start dates of May 31st and June 6th. I emailed back, asking if June 13th would be possible and I haven’t heard back yet (it was late Friday). I’m hoping I’m able to give my boss three weeks and have a little more time to transition. But if not, June 6th it is. I’m excited and terrified, honestly. On Wednesday I told my boss about the offer and that I was most likely going to accept it. She was awesome about it – excited for me, even if disappointed that I will be leaving. She encouraged me to do what’s best for my family, which this looks to be. This is going to be a hard job to leave for sure – I love everyone I work with. I’ll be telling them at our department meeting on Wednesday (by then I should also know my last day).

On Thursday I went to an ABA center to tour, and it was okay. I’m going to continue the enrollment process for Dante, as it will take until mid – late June before he would get started. But if my gut instincts are right, it’s not where I want to take him. I don’t know that I will find better, and there’s nothing about the place that screams bad or anything. I just feel like there must be something a bit better available.  It’s the little details, you know?

Pretty much every evening this week Dante and I went for a walk with him on his tricycle (it’s one with a handle at the back so we can push him) – the weather has been really nice. On Friday I was so behind on my bootcamp work that I was up until about 12:30 in the morning finishing up, ahead of class on Saturday. Saturday morning Dante slept in and I actually didn’t see him until I finished boot camp at 1 (I think he woke up around 9:30), which meant I didn’t end up cooking breakfast like I normally do on Saturdays. He and Kiko both slept in. Class went well and I can’t believe I only have 2 weeks left! This afternoon we went to my friend’s house for a play date and had a really relaxing time. I’m really tired from the emotions of this week and looking forward to just getting a good night’s sleep!

Blog News

I took this past week off from blogging and hoping to get back on track this week. We did announce our Can You Read a Series in a Month? Challenge for June this week! Hope you can join us 🙂

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6 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | Week of May 15th 2022

  1. Jen

    What an emotional week. But CONGRATULATIONS on the new job! I’m so happy for you! I’ve had a similarly emotional week. Mom is here, my boy had prom on Saturday, girl had dance recital Sunday. Senior night and last regular season lacrosse game for my boy tonight. Oh, and my dad is in the hospital back at home. So many emotions.

    • Oh wow, Jen! Yes, you’ve also had quite the emotional week! I hope your dad is doing okay, sending healing thoughts your way. And so many big moments – prom, senior night, final lacross game! I’m sure you’re feeling it!

      Thank you, I’m very excited and nervous and just a LOT of emotions 🙂