Tell Me Something Tuesday: Good Reading Habits

Posted September 15, 2020 by Berls in Tell Me Something Tuesday / 7 Comments

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings. Check out her blog for upcoming topics! I saw a post by Jen (Twimom) and thought it was fun and decided to join in. So I’ll be jumping in sporadically 🙂

What are some good reading habits you have adopted?

Well, it would be easier to tell you my bad habits… but that’s next week. There’s so much I want to improve about my reading. My good habits, though. Let’s see:

  1. If I’m going to read a book for a book club, I always check first to see if I can get it from a library or borrow from a friend. Or KU / Audible escapes.
  2. I don’t buy many physical books anymore, since I don’t have the space. I do digital way more.
  3. I always have one self-improvement read ongoing (if not more). I like using books not just for entertainment, but for betterment.
  4. I use bookmarks – I don’t dog ear pages to save my spot anymore.

Y’all, can you tell by #4 that I’m out of ideas? LOL! I’ll have a great list for next week though! 😛

Help me out! What are some good reading habits you have adopted?

Next week’s topic: what are some bad reading habits you kicked or want to get rid of?

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7 responses to “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Good Reading Habits

  1. Um, not sure if I have good reading habits I just read…lol. I guess trying to wait and use the library apps and the actual library instead of requesting everything from Netgalley (something I am working on) is a good habit…lol.
    Remind myself that I don’t have to read every COZY MYSTERY series there is out there and that the 100 I already have started is enough…lol. 🙂

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: Review of Murder in the East End
  2. Recently, I started working hard to borrow books rather than rush to buy. I’ve also put books on a list to read later and not grab them right away like I’ve done in the past. I also started a list of books I have or have read so I don’t double up. GoodReads helps with that, too. I think my best habit was to make a point of reading every day even if it’s just a few pages. I like your habit of always having an improving read going. I need to do that.