Top 10 Characters of 2021

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I love joining in with Anne’s (Books of My Heart) Top 10 posts to recap the year. Get all the details in her Top 10 of 2021 post and join in!

Top 10 Characters of 2021

This is next to impossible to do. I’ve read somewhere around 140 books this year and met (or revisited) a lot of really great characters. But I narrowed it down to 10 characters that I absolutely ADORED. The links are to reviews of the book I read where I fell in love.

  1. Addie LaRue tops my list once again. I think a lesser character would have broken in her circumstances. V.E. Schwab wrote one hell of a character!
  2. Defiance “Dephne” Dayne in Betwixt & Between series. Darynda Jones makes great characters!
  3. Anastasia Winters in the Witchy Weddings series. Danielle Garrett is another gifted character crafter!
  4. Vianne Mauriac in The Nightengale by Kristen Hannah and
  5. her sister, Isabelle. That both these strong women are based on real women made them all the more incredible!
  1. Perry Palomino, from the Experiment in Terror Series by Karina Halle. It’s Horror and I read six books because Karina Halle hooked me with Perry, who’s one tough bitch.
  2. Emily Aurelian of The Magelands Eternal Siege series by Christopher Mitchell. There are a lot of strong characters in this series by Emily pretty much steals the show. So strong, so full of compassion and life and just well, kick ass.
  3. Her husband, Daniel Aurelian, is the first man to make my list. What can I say, I like strong women! But his strength is equal to his wife’s and he earns his spot on this list. Although I could easily add a couple more characters from this series, I have to save my last two spots for…
  4. Vasic from The Psy-Changling SeriesHe is the best hero of the series IMO – he’s so powerful and so fierce and yet so gentle and so broken, I just adored him.
  5. And then you have Stephan, also from The Psy-Changling SeriesA surprising character to make this list, considering that he was only really in a novella, but he stole my heart and I was anxious for a glimpse of him for the rest of the series.

Basically I love kick ass women and men who know how to support a kick ass woman LOL! There are so many more characters from both The Magelands Eternal Seige and especially from Psy-Changeling that should/could have made the list if I wasn’t determined to stick to 10 people. I also neglected characters that I’ve loved for years, like Shelby from Colleen Helme’s Shelby Nichols Series  and everyone from The In-Death series by J.D. Robb. This list ended up being new loves, rather than old ones.

If you want to join in, here’s the schedule for 2021:

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    • (favorite reads in 2021, read and published in 2021)
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  • Thursday, December 23rdh      – Top 10 Book Characters of 2021
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  • Friday, December 24th           – Your Top 10 choice: Narrators,  Couples, New to Me, Favorite Quotes, Series, Books I Meant to Read in 2020,  or your own idea
  • Saturday, December 25th       – Top 10 Books I Want in 2022

What were some of your top characters of 2021? Any of mine make your short list?

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5 responses to “Top 10 Characters of 2021

  1. So many great characters. I loved Addie LaRue too as well as the sisters in The Nightingale. Both stories enthralling, in different ways. I’d have a hard time too choosing my favorite character from the pyschangeling series. They are all so different. I’ll have to review my books and see what I can come up with. Like you, so in love with all the characters in the In death series, any one of them would be an automatic choice. Good idea keeping it to new to me authors. Off to check out Anne’s blog, then figure out my top ten. Thanks!