Trust me, I have been commenting back! Really I have…

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just a posted note

In the last two weeks I have noticed my comment back or reply back emails have been in my spam folder. I thought it was some weird error on my part so I ignored them. It wasn’t a lot and I figured it might have been some kind of error that would fix itself. That was until Saturday when everything I replied to on my blog came back to me in my spam folder. What does that mean? That means not one of the people that commented on my blog got an email saying I replied back. They don’t know I replied to their comment. It was making me look like a very bad blogger.

Sunday I noticed it happening again, so I did a little investigating. It seems CommentLuv reply me was bouncing emails back to my spam folder. I sent the creator a message but got a rather sad email saying he was very sick and not troubleshooting anymore. It was up to us to fix it ourselves with his suggestions. They would still have updateds but no help if the plugin has an issue. I pretty much panicked at this point. What was I going to do?

I remembered I am in a Resource blogging group on Facebook that Ashley from Nosegraze is a member. I figured if she wasn’t around maybe one of the other ladies in the group would have a suggestion. Thankfully Ashley was on FB and replied to me right away. I explained to her what was going on and since she is the BESTEST EVER. Had some great info I didn’t know and I was able to fix the problem.

Email (AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) has made some adjustment and it’s causing those emails that tell people that a blogger replied to end up in the bloggers spam folder they consider it SPOOF mail. So the reply back feature isn’t working with CommentLuv. She suggested I turn off CommentLuv and install Comment Reply Notification. I didn’t really want to get rid of CommentLuv so instead I just turned off the ReplyMe part of it and installed what she suggest. IT WORKED!!! The plugin hasn’t had an update in 6 years, which concerns me, but Ashley reassured me that the code was fine and would work. She was right, of course. πŸ™‚

If you are using CommentLuv and don’t check your spam, you might want to, because unless you have another reply option on your blog most of your replies are not being seen by your followers. I have noticed a lot of blogs I have commented on I haven’t gotten a reply back when I usually do. So you might want to check that out and try what I did until CommentLuv comes out with a new update. If they do.

So I promise I am commenting back, you just were not getting them and I apologize for not noticing that sooner but that goodness for Ashley, she always has a way to make me feel less panic and more relaxed. I am so thankful for her help.


Hope you all have an amazing day

and Happy Blogging!


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21 responses to “Trust me, I have been commenting back! Really I have…

    • It might. Seems a lot of people are having issues and since changing over, I am now getting the replies I haven’t gotten from other people. Not sure if what I did worked or something was fixed.

  1. This is such a timely post. I hadn’t been getting WordPress notifications for comments on my blog for the past week or two. I talked to my host and it turned out to be glitch in a WordPress update that should be fixed within the week. It also explained why my comment reply notification hadn’t been working either. I tend to freak out when something goes kaput with my blog as well and am glad it was such an easy fix for you. Also, do you mind if I ask what the Facebook resource blogging group is called, it sounds very helpful!

  2. This is good info! Thank you for sharing Michelle πŸ™‚ Another blogger contacted me last week and said he’d noticed that his comment disappeared after it was submitted. I looked and found a ton of comments from my blogger friends (you included and myself!) that Akismet had flagged as spam. Hoping to figure out the fix for that this week. Plan to look into your suggestions as well with CommentLuv.

  3. I never got reply notifications from your blog, I figured you didn’t have a plugin like that installed or that i didn’t clicked the right button. I didn’t even know commentluv had a reply notification as I always used another plugin for that, I think it’s the same you are now using. Glad you managed to fix the issue so fast and that Ashley was so helpful. I always go into panic mode as well when something goes wrong with my blog, but it helps to know someone who knows a lot about it.
    btw I still don’t see a receive replies to my comment button on your blog at the moment.