2015 #BookishResolutions PROGRESS REPORT ~ Month 1

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Bookish Resolution Challengereport2015 Bookish Resolutions Progress Report lets you check in every month to tell us know how you are doing with your Bookish Resolutions and keeps you moving closer to your goal. We look forward to cheering you on to success!

My Progress Report:

Goal #1 ~ Get My Netgalley Ratio to 65%

  • Jan – I am at 52%
  • Feb – I am at 61% (I realized I never rated and sent feedback to some books)
  • March – I am at 62%
  • April – I am at 61% (I added a few books so my ratio went down lol)
  • May – I am at 60% (I am going the wrong way)

• Goal #2 ~ Read 65 Books this year

  • Jan – I have read 5 books so far
  • Feb – I have read 10 books so far
  • March – I have read 19 books so far
  • April –  I have read 28 books so far
  • May – I have read 35 Books so far

• Goal #3 ~ Visit/Comment 30 Blogs a Month

  • Jan – I was able to do the 30 however I would like to spread it out more instead of doing 3 days visiting 10 blogs.
  • Feb- I was able to visit 30 but again I did them all kind of in one shot, I would really like to spread this out more and even visit a ton more blogs, stupid real life keeps getting in the way lol
  • March – I didn’t do so good this month with my blogging break and nervous breakdown (that’s what I am calling it) so I will try and do double next month if not at least visit 3 blogs a day
  • April – This was a bad month for me, my blogging break has made me still in a slump and I wasn’t able to visit as many as I would have liked, I also had a few family crisis to take care of but I am hoping next month will be better 
  • May – As most of you know I have been dealing with some serious family issues and was unable to visit people this month. Fingers crossed things get better soon and I will be back to visiting in no time.

• Goal #4 ~ Read 20 Books Already on my Kindle

  • Jan – I read 1 so far that was on my kindle before this challenge started.
  • Feb – I have read 4 so far.
  • March – I have read 6 so far
  • April – I have read 7 so far
  • May – I have read 10 so far (I think)

• Goal #5 ~ Lose 10lbs or More

  • Jan – Not doing so good on this yet but I still have time.
  • Feb – Not doing so good still on this but soon
  • March – Food is just so delicious and I am really trying 
  • April – As I sit here eating Ice Cream  I am realizing this is not going as good as I hoped 😉
  • May – 5 months in and I have come to the realization that I am not good at dieting. Next year my goal is to gain 10lbs, I can totally do that with no problem.



I do hope you are doing a lot better than me 🙂

Have an amazing day!

Happy Reading!


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12 responses to “2015 #BookishResolutions PROGRESS REPORT ~ Month 1

  1. You are making good progress on some goals, especially your total amount of books read! That’s a bit sad your netgally percentage went down, I feel like mine always does the same, up and down. And when you’re finally making progress I request a few new books and down it goes again. Good luck with your goals next month!

    • You know me, I like when things are difficult 🙂

      I am starting to slowly get out of mine and and going to pick two days a week so I can comment, that way I don’t miss posts and since when I do visit I visit blogs not posts so I scroll through them and find a few things to comment on 🙂

  2. I think you’re doing pretty well considering all you have going on in your life, Michelle. And the nice thing about goals – it’s what we aim for and we just keep aiming there… I like your resolution about weight though! I may join you in that resolution! 🙂 <3

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: Teaser Tuesdays #68
    • Whatever you do don’t buy Talenti Gelato. It will be your total downfall. I can eat an entire container in one sitting. They are SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!

      I attended BEA on Friday and I think I am officially out of my slump, just need to add some more stuff to my blog to keep the posts going but over all I think I am totally back 🙂

  3. I’m with you on losing weight! It was also one of my goals and it’s frustrating not seeing any progress. But you are getting close to your Netgalley goal!! It’s hard to not add new ARCs.

    Kathy recently posted: 2015 Challenge Update – 5