2016 #BookishResolutions PROGRESS REPORT ~ April

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Bookish Resolution Challengereport2015 Bookish Resolutions Progress Report lets you check in every month to tell us know how you are doing with your Bookish Resolutions and keeps you moving closer to your goal. We look forward to cheering you on to success!

So how is it going?

The Reading goals and Blog goals are going pretty good. Personal goals not so much. I still have time, so lets hope 🙂 The only Blog goal I am behind on is my spreadsheet but I have more time for that in the summer so I am hoping to get most/if not all of it done then.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag is #BookishResolutions.

Reading Goals

  • Read 10 Books I already own prior to 2016
    • Jan – 0
    • Feb – 3
    • Mar – 4
    • April – 7
  • Read 5 Physical Books from my shelf
    • Jan – 0
    • Feb – 2
    • Mar – 2
    • April – 6
  • Read 3 next book in a series 

    • Jan – None Yet
    • Feb – 1
    • Mar – still on 1
    • April – just 1
  • Read 10 Netgalley and/or Edelweiss books I already have prior to 2016

    • Jan – 1
    • Feb- 3
    • Mar – 3
    • April – 4
  • Get/Keep My Netgalley to 80% 

    • Jan – 67%
    • Feb –  69%
    • Mar – 69%
    • April – 74%

Blog Goals

  • Keep track of all Challenge ~
    • Jan – Been using Goodreads for this and my Kindle (So far I am good)
    • Feb – I have been keeping up planning to do a Challenge update post every 3 months
    • Mar – I added a Challenge Update to my Monthly Rewind Post so I can keep track and give info that way so far I have one set up to go for this month.
    • April – I am keeping track with my plugin and on my monthly rewind
  • Update Challenge Page once a month
    • Jan – I have a plug in and I am keeping up
    • Feb – Plug in is keeping this is order but I need to update with a few more challenges
    • Mar – I am doing very good with the plug-in and adding the books to the correct spots
    • April – The plug in is really helping so I am keeping up pretty good
  • Keep Book Spreadsheet updated
    • Jan – Not yet
    • Feb – Ok I figure out what I really want to do and this could take all year.
    • Mar – This has been started and I found a new way to set it up, super excited.
    • April –  This will be a summer project for me but I am glad I started it.
  • Visit 5 Blogs a week (this does not include the Sunday Post)
    • Jan – Still working on this but I did visit a few
    • Feb – I am a shitty friend
    • Mar – I have been visiting just not as much I would like.
    • April –  Not doing it as often as I would like but I am working on it.
  • Write Reviews no more than 3 days after completing book
    • Jan – I have no review to write at the moment! All up to date
    • Feb – I have one review but it will be done before this post goes live.
    • Mar – I have no outstanding reviews at the moment. YAY!
    • April – I have on review to write but by the time this posts I will have 0

Personal Goals

  • Crochet ~ I already know how, I just SUCK. So I would like to do it more to get better.
    • Finish 2 Crochet Blankets (one easy, one hard)
      • Jan – Haven’t started this yet but plan to next month
      • Feb – Still working on this, just can’t seem to find the time. It really sucks
      • Mar – Just can’t seem to find the time to do this.
      • April – Nope nothing
  • Do one crafty project with the kids each month. I will also be able to show off each craft we make, this will include a ceramics place I have been dying to take them too.
    • Jan – Crazy month will be working on project with the kids next month.
    • Feb – Kids have been drawing a lot but I still want to see about doing actual projects.
    • Mar –  Just haven’t had a chance to get to the store to buy supplies, might be doing it this month since summer is coming and they will need activities to do to keep them busy.
    • April – Kids just aren’t really that interested. My daughter is by maybe when school is out this will be easier to do.


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5 responses to “2016 #BookishResolutions PROGRESS REPORT ~ April

  1. I think you’re doing amazingly well, Michelle! And I have to tell you that I’m really envious of your NG rating! 😉 I think your personal goals will come. Especially with summer coming…the school year makes it hard to get a lot accomplished because school/kids take time. 😉 Hopefully you and your daughter will do some great crafts over the summer! Keep up the great work, my dear!

  2. Love how you set out your post, very clear. Need to re-organise mine! Oh well the crafts will fall into place at some point!

    • Lol, I have been trying to read as many Netgalley as I can. Also avoiding grabbing any but I’m sure that will change when the next season books are up. 🙂