2021 Summer Scares ~ Spooky Books to take to the Beach

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While most people are grabbing for light hearted rom-coms or fun romantic reads to take to the beach, I like to grab something spooky or maybe even a fun slasher book with unsuspecting campers. Summer can be scary too…Friday the 13th comes to mind and Sleep Away Camp. Movies and books set on a camp ground or even in a mansion in the middle of nowhere as a last hurrah before college. Slasher type reads are always a great time in the summer…well for me it is! 😉

Are you someone that likes to take Spooky Books to the beach? Well I am here to share a few of my favorites that you can take to the beach with you while you get a nice Spooky Tan.

I don’t judge a book on how scary it is when I am reading it, I judge it by when I put it down how it makes me feel or when the book is long over. Do I still think about it, does it make me turn the lights on just in case because now my head is thinking. Scary books don’t make you jump like a movie does but if it is intense enough and someone taps you on the shoulder you might scream a little.

Some of these aren’t super scary but fun to read while enjoying some nice Sunshine.

Scare Rating 1 not scary to 5 super scary*

*ratings under cover is my rating not the scare rating. 

Killer River was interesting, not my overall favorite but something worth reading if you are looking for a waterpark killer. I had minor issues with it but overall it was a good B-Horror. Just wished the killer would have stopped getting up. Scare Rating 3

Camp Slaughter was gory and creepy. I think reading in the killers mind could have been left out but it was a good slasher camping horror. It has a good cast of characters and NO ONE is safe. Might make you hide under or beach blanket. Scare Rating 3.5 (more gory) 

Ghostland was long and it had one scene that could have been left out but overall it was a pretty good book. It’s like Jurassic Park but with the ghost from 13 Ghosts. Each ghost had a back story and each attraction had a nightmare waiting inside. I really enjoyed it and need to see if there is a second book because I might need to read it soon. Scare Rating 4

Horrorstor wasn’t what I was expecting but I actually enjoyed it. Not as scary as I would have liked but over all the layout of the book was fantastic and I am hoping there will be a book 2 because I would love to see what store they go to next. Scare rating 1

The Girls save the world in this One, is a Zombie book but with a romance. Not upfront but it’s there. 3 Girls go to a ZombieCon and all hell breaks loose, now they need to escape with a group of mismatched people and one hot TV star. Scare Rating 0 but still a fun beach read. 

Alone, this one was weird and the end killed me. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the book until the end. It had its moment but never super scary. I had wished they explained the voice in her head more. It was a good read overall. Scare rating 1

The Devils you know will always be one of my favorites. I had just recently went to a creepy theme park and then picked up this book to read. It had all the spooky I wanted and more. Super weird and just makes your brain think long after you put the book down. Scare Rating 4

Turner Street, FANTASTIC…this book I wasn’t expecting to be spooky but it was and so good. I originally thought it was an MG read but soon realized it was a lot more than that. I devoured this series, highly recommend Scare Rating 3

And the Trees Crept In, stick with it, I thought this was a really weird and creepy book and the end F@$& me up! I still think about this book. Really it might feel slow and confusing but it will all make sense in the end. Scare Rating 3

I think I will end it here.

While some of these books weren’t scary while reading they did make me a little jumpy when I put the book down.

Do you have any suggestions on spooky books to read in the summer?

Thanks for stopping by and Have an awesome day!


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