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Couple and Book

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The Couple and The Book…


I vowed this year to attempt to read a few science fiction books and had heard tons and tons of things about the Saga graphic novel series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples.  I usually tend to stay away from the hype so I waited forever to grab these from my library.  My wait led me to two conclusions – the hype is real, and it was good to wait so I could devour all 5 volumes close together without having to wait for the next installment over the past year or two like everyone else.

When Michelle reached out and asked people to write about their favorite characters, I knew I had to grab the science fiction category because Alana and Marko have quickly become one of my favorite relationships.  There is really a lot I like about Marko and Alana.  They both come from separate, warring planets and although it is clear that there is little tolerance for their interracial relationship, they really don’t care.  They constantly fight to keep their family and their relationship together. Also, they created the cutest little baby which is a wonderful mix of both of them and has the most adorable little horns (this is coming from a 4-legged kid parent so you know Hazel must be cute considering she doesn’t have paws!)  Also, I love that Alana is the aggressive one in the relationship with Marko being the passive one.  Both have been fighters in the past, but when Hazel was born, Marko vowed to be a kinder, gentler father.  Alana believes if she has to kick ass to save her family, so be it.

This is really a great graphic novel series and unfortunately, I am now like the many others not-so-patiently waiting for the next volume.  I also have to give props to Lying Cat.  Being a dog person, it’s not often I say I want a cat, but Lying Cat is definitely for me.  (Even though he is not a part of the relationship between Marko and Alana, I am in love with him so I think it is fitting to mention him in this post ☺).

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7 responses to “A Book Couple and their book guest post ~ BookerTsFarm

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot of good thgins about this series lately and I might have to give it a try as I do like sci-fi. And I like how they are from different races and everyone is against their romance, but they don’t let that stop them, they sounds like a great couple!

  2. Great review, I’ve heard lots about this series and everyone seems to say the same thing- that it’s worth the hype. I need to check these out. It sounds weird and quirky and fun. And I’m curious about Lying Cat now. 🙂

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