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Holiday TraditionWe all have some sort of Holiday Tradition during the month of December, so I asked a few of my friends to share with you their Holiday Traditions and a book.

So get cozy by the fire, grab a cup of coco and get ready to read some amazing traditions and some fantastic recommendations for the holidays.


Holiday Tradition & A Book

My Mom is from Florida, the home of Disney World.  So, naturally, I grew up knowing the Mickey Mouse Club song by heart, and ever since I was three years old, I’ve watched “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” every year that I’ve had access to a TV.  There are other Christmas cartoons I watch every year as well, but that one is by far my favorite and my definition of Christmas: being with family.  While it emphasizes the more traditional family, over the years I’ve cobbled together an impressive group of people I consider to be mine.  I’ll spare you my reasons for not being close to my blood relatives.  Suffice it to say they don’t give me the same feelings of thankfulness, gratitude, and love I get from being around my pieced-together family and watching my favorite Christmas show.


Several years ago, when I was deployed to Iraq, I wasn’t able to watch any of the Christmas specials.  In their place, I finally read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  Did you know that many of our modern-day Christmas traditions come from this story?  When it was written, people didn’t generally celebrate Christmas the way the characters in the book do.  However, the story became so popular that Christmas is now a big deal for most of those who celebrate it today.

mickeys-christmas-carol.20057A Christmas Carol is a short book that could easily be read in the space of an afternoon, and it’s just as great and full of my definition of Christmas as “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.”  It’s such a lovely little story that, along with watching my favorite adaptation, I’ve read it in one format or another every year since my deployment.  Last year, I listened to Neil Gaiman reading it.  This year, in addition to reading my leather-bound edition of the original, I’ll be reading a graphic novel of it, featuring a gender-swapped Scrooge, by Rod Espinosa.   I’m sure it will be an excellent addition to my Christmas tradition. *singing* M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E…

About the Guest

Rachelle J. is a blogger at Fortified by Books

Rachelle aka The Girl in the Book Fort blogs about Fantasy books at  She graduates from college this month and will then be forced to become an adult again but she’ll never stop believing in the magic she discovered in her favorite books.


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