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Couple and Book

Cuddle up with one of my favorite bloggers as they share with you
their favorite Book Couple and their book.



The Couple and The Book…

Paranormal Romance is defined as a subgenre of romantic fiction and speculative fiction, featuring a relationship that includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation….in other words MY FAVORITE GENRE 😀 Paranormal romance is such a broad category as it can include anything from fantasy to science fiction, from pure imagination to the realm of possibility. You find aliens, witches, wizards, vampires, werecreatures, angels, demons, psychics, even people traveling through time in the paranormal romance genre. There are so MANY that are my favorites that it’s hard to chose just one couple and only one book. Think about it!!! Jamie + Claire from Outlander, Katy + Daemon from Obsidian, Bella + Edward (or for you shippers Bella + Jacob) from Twilight….this list could go on for days.

However my first encounter with paranormal romance as an adult was the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. And friends this was before True Blood (the worst book adaptation ever, I might add) hit HBO. I instantly fell for Sookie and Bill. Here’s this girl who hears people’s thoughts unbidden and vampires live among us openly. Vampires are the forbidden temptation for her as she cannot read their minds. She could potentially have a real relationship with a vampire because those awkward thoughts Sookie picks up from her dates wouldn’t happen with a vampire.

Now anyone that’s read the series knows Sookie was with many people in the book: Bill the vampire, Alcide the werewolf, Quinn the weretiger, and Sam (my personal ship) the shape shifter. My personal favorite though will always be Eric the vampire. He was Sookie’s longest relationship in the series, her protector, her friend, and one true love. Sorry not sorry! Eric is the viking vampire, ruler over the area Sookie lives in, and one scary dude. Yet where Sookie is concerned the vampire remembers his human traits. They bring out the best in each other. Eric is kind and gentle with her and Sookie is brave and heroic with him. Honestly from the moment Eric was introduced in the series I fell in love with him and wanted a HEA with Sookie and him. My ship didn’t sail however until book four of the series Dead to the World.



Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris is my favorite of the entire Sookie Stackhouse series. At the beginning of this book, Sookie finds an amnesiac Eric naked on the side of the road. Of course she takes him home because she knows him and immediately calls Pam, his second in command. As no one knows what has happened to Eric, it falls to Sookie to keep him safe and hidden at her home.

Now I don’t know about y’all but I like this Eric. Stripped of his memories from the past however many hundred years, Eric is a different vampire. He’s vulnerable, a bit innocent, and has this childlike playfulness about him along with the inherent desire to protect Sookie at all costs. Eric pulls no tricks, no play on words, in this book. What he says, he means.

For Sookie, obviously this is hard to wrap her head around. She has little trust in Eric to begin with and this amnesiac Eric turns her opinions upside down. She finds herself drawn to him each night, wanting his comfort, his protection. Nursing a broken heart at the beginning of the book, Sookie finds herself at a vulnerable place, not wanting to trust Eric, but finding he may be the only one she can trust.

This early book in the Sookie Stackhouse series reminds me of why I fell in love with the series. It’s fast paced with a complex, easy-to-follow plot that carries over to the next book in the series. BUT what makes the series great is the romance. AND in this book that’s the romance that blossoms between Sookie and Eric. Their relationship is bittersweet as the best parts happen in this book. BUT it is SO worth it!

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Lillian is a blogger at Mom with a Reading Problem
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Check out Lillian’s Reviews she reads and reviews a fun mix of genres and is completely dedicated to her son and showing him the love of reading. She has a fun Merry Monday’s Post. Stop by her blog and say hello!


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