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A Month of Giving ThanksHosted by Michelle @Because Reading and Berls @Fantasy is More Fun #30daysofThanks is originally hosted by The Geeky Blogger with Felicia’s permission, we adopted something similar…

Last year I did 30 days of Thanks to bloggers, Authors and books. This year I thought I would do something just a little different. This time around I will be posting for 4 days (Wednesdays) each day giving thanks to 10 bloggers, authors or books.

Authors I am Thankful for

This week I am giving thanks to those authors and their books that had a major impact on me and my love of reading. These are my go to authors when I am in need of something to read and they never disappoint.

  • Ashley Nixon / Cutlass Series
    • The first book in this series has me at pirates and magic, I loved her blend and I was over the moon excited when I got the chance to read it, the second one in the series was even better and I can’t wait for the third. Not only is Ashley an amazing author but she has also become a very good friend. I am Thankful that her books introduced me to the amazing person she is.
  • Staci Hart / Good Gods, Hardcore, Bad Habits series
    • If it wasn’t for a goodreads giveaway I would have never found this author. I love her writing and she is a wonderful person to chat with, I am not an erotica fan, per say but her Hardcore series made me want to read more because it was just so well done. She is one author that I look forward to when I hear she is writing a new book.
  • L.G. Castillo / Broken Angels, Strong & Wilde, Secret & Surrender, Your Gravity
    • I am Thankful for Linda because she can write an amazing book that tugs at your heartstrings and makes you fall in love with her characters. She has actually made me cry a few times and that isn’t easy.
  • Stacey Rourke / Legends Saga Series
    • That cover of Crane was what drew me in to reading one of Stacey’s books, I couldn’t get enough of Ireland Crane and the rest of her crew. The last book in this series KILLED me but it is a series that needs to not only be on my shelf but will also need to be reread again. I am so thankful for picking this book up and finding this amazing author. She is also hilarious, I love following her on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Gwenda Bond  / Lois Lane
    • Squealed like a true fan girl when I meet her. Smiled from ear to ear. This is one series that has me hooked. I can’t wait to read everything she writes, she is a sweet heart and I was just over joyed like a creepy stalker girl to meet her in person. I totally promise not to get all weird if I ever meet her again but I am so Thankful to have found her books.
  • Cheyanne Young / Powered, Understudy, Somewhere only we know
    • Powered was my first book from her and I have been hooked ever since. Somewhere only we know made me cry like a baby. She is super sweet and I am so Thankful for find her and her books.
  • Nikki Godwin / Saturn Series, Drenaline Surf
    • American Girl on Saturn is the first book I was in the acknowledgements for and I was totally blown away. I might have been so excited for this book that I tweeted Nikki often about it. I fangirled rather hard. I am so Thankful to have found her books and so happy to have found her. She is super sweet and I really enjoy talking with her when we can.
  • Christopher Healy / The League of Princes
    • These books further expanded my love for Fairytale retellings if you haven’t had the chance to read this series you need to make a point to. They are so amazing and I am forever Thankful for him writing them. I really love those princes, I heard they might be making a movie of these books…I will squeal like a nut if it’s true.
  • Larissa Ione / Demonica, Lords of Deliverence
    • She is the ruiner of all Paranormal Romance but it’s not what you think. I can’t even read PNR anymore because her books were so friggin amazing I can’t find one that even comes close to the world and characters she created. I can’t Thank her enough for ruining PNR for me because I will be forever Thankful for reading all those books and loving every minute of them
  • J.K Rowling / Harry Potter
    • So I couldn’t pass finished this post without thinking of Mrs Rowling. Do I even have to go into detail? These are the books that ignited the spark of reading for me again after a long hiatus of reading. Harry Potter change everything for me and my love of reading. Forever Thankful….because, HARRY POTTER!!! 😉


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8 responses to “A Month of Giving Thanks ~ Week 2 Authors

  1. Fantastic list, Michelle! I’ve read and/or added a few of these authors to my kindle collection thanks to you. 😀 Thank goodness for that GR giveaway or else *I* might not have read Staci Hart. 😉 I love hearing about how much you love these authors, how they affect you, and how you fangirled getting to meet Gwenda Bond. 😀 It’s so nice to have this book community where we can share and be grateful for all the goody-goodness authors, books, and blogging friends add to our lives!! <3 <3

  2. Great list! Although I have to admit I haven’t read books by any of these authors except for Jk Rowling, because Harry Potter. And I gave Cutlass a try, but it wasn’t for me, sorry! I own books by Nikki Godwin and Staci Hart, grabbed them when they were free, but haven’t read them yet.
    I worked with both Nikki Godwin and Ashley Nixon for a cover reveal and review opportunity and can say they are such nice authors. Thanks to my job I meet a lot of awesome authors and I wish I could get around to reading their books as well, so I can also support them that way. There are so many awesome authors I’ve met through blogging ang my own business that if I had to make such a list I would have a hard time only listing 10 of them.

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