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Berls Reviews Turning Autism AroundTurn Autism Around: An Action Guide for Parents of Young Children with Early Signs of Autism by Mary Lynch Barbera, Temple Grandin
Published by Hay House Inc. on March 30, 2021
Genres: Nonfiction
Pages: 251
Format: eBook
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This is the first book of its kind that calls attention to an important fact: parents can make a tremendous impact on their child through behavioral practices taught at home. Dr. Barbera has created a tool kit that any parent can use to help remediate--and in some cases eliminate-some symptoms of autism and other developmental delays in young children, even in as little as 15 minutes a day.
Developmental delays and signs of autism usually show up before 18 months of age, yet children are often not diagnosed until they are 4 or 5 years old. In Turn Autism Around, Dr. Mary Barbera explains why parents can't afford to worry and wait in long lines for evaluations and treatment while not knowing how to help their children. She empowers parents, caregivers, and early intervention professionals to regain hope and take back control with simple strategies to dramatically improve outcomes for their children.
Dr. Barbera has created a new approach to teaching kids with developmental delays that uses the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) married with a positive, child-friendly methodology that any parent can use--whether or not their child has delays--to learn to teach communication skills, socialization strategies, as well as tackle sleep, eating, potty training, and behavior challenges in a positive, effective, and lasting way.
Turn Autism Around is the first book of its kind that calls attention to an important fact: parents can make a tremendous impact on their child's development through behavioral practices taught at home, even in as little as 15 minutes a day. Her program shows these autism and developmental delays can be remediated, and in some cases, delays can be caught up altogether, if parents intervene while the child is young.
This book is for parents of young children aged one-to-five years who are passionate about helping their child as well as learning how they can change the trajectory of their child's and family's life.

My top thoughts:

I’m very thankful for this book. I’ve had concerns about Dante’s delays for a while and this book helped me to see some of the things I had been missing (or perhaps denying?). I think I will likely refer back to it many times over the next several years.

What I liked/didn’t like:

I appreciated the tools that her website provides as part of the book resources – assessments, tracking sheets, etc. – and also the ability to start doing something for my son right away while I navigate the challenging process of getting an actual diagnosis and treatment. I’ve already begun using the Table Time methods she teaches and seeing improvements. Definitely not enough to replace professionals, but a good start.

It’s very easy to read and doesn’t use language that will lose someone who is not a medical professional. There are lots of examples to help you. I know that in the early pages I found myself in tears a few times because I was finally seeing what I was trying to describe and knowing that others had experienced it as well.

Worth the time for sure! I think it was definitely helpful as I got Dante’s diagnosis and finally started in ABA.
4 stars Pretty Great

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