#bingewatchersclub 2020 It’s the year of binge watching!

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This will be a once a month update on my Binge Watching! You are welcome to join in if you want! 🙂

What I am currently watching

I am currently on Season 11 of Criminal Minds and I have to be honest I LOVE this series but at the moment I am not feeling it anymore. The last few episodes I watched feels like it lost it’s murder appeal. Like the stories have been about the characters and not about the BAU. I might put it aside for a bit and get back to it once the show has ended on regular TV.

I am still binge watching Stranger Things with my daughter, we are going into season 2 next weekend.

What I finished watching

This weekend I watched the Documentary of Aaron Hernandez, I thought it was very interesting, I just didn’t get why they kept talking about him being gay. I felt that kid and his dad just wanted to be on TV. I think what he did was awful and had nothing to do with being gay. Not sure why that was even in the series. Sort of felt out of place.

What I plan to watch

I plan to start watching the Magicians since it’s something I have been wanting to watch. I might binge watch Dark Crystal.

Once I am done with Stranger Things my daughter and I plan to get back into RWBY, we are trying to decided if we want to start over from the beginning or start from where we left off. 🙂

What are you currently Binge Watching?

Thanks for stopping by and Have an awesome day!

Happy Binge Watching! xx

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6 responses to “#bingewatchersclub 2020 It’s the year of binge watching!

    • YES! I love Spencer but the last few episodes i watched seemed to be less about murder and more about them. I want MURDER with my crime show!
      Aaron Hernandez was interesting, would love to chat with other people about it since I had a few issues. 🙂

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  1. Criminal Minds is a show we thought about watching… maybe next time we finish one. Right now we’re watching Madam Secretary on Netflix and I’m loving it. I love political dramas, whereas Kiko always starts off interested and before I know it he’s on his phone the whole show and I’m addicted. We’ll see if he even finishes this one with me.

    • I enjoy more Murder than politics lol I also seem to be obsessed with documentaries. I just love watching them.
      I wait to watch shows with Scot but he never wants to watch it. I am trying to get him to watch more stuff and less what is on TV so I can get rid of cable!

      Michelle recently posted: #FitReaders ~ January 12 - 18 Update