#bingewatchersclub ~ At this point all we can do is binge watch.

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This will be a one a month update on the binge Watching! You are welcome to join in if you want! 🙂

The world is so weird right now but thank goodness for binge watching. We didn’t watch a lot but I might have more time to binge if work keeps being so slow.

What I finished watching

  • We finished The Haunting of Hill House and I kind of loved it but it left me with more questions than answers. I feel like some of it didn’t really mesh very well
  • We finished Lock and Key, I liked it but I didn’t like it. It was sort of boring and the kids were getting on my nerves. Like none of them were responsible enough to handle any of that. If they have another season I will watch it only to see what happens next after the cliffhanger ending.
  • I watched Tiger King...complete train wreck. I wasn’t sure what I was expected but I can tell you it wasn’t that.

What I am currently watching

  • Star Trek the Next Generation. I started from the beginning. I watch it forever ago and catch it on TV sometimes but never watched it straight through. I use it as background noise if I am blogging or playing a game.
  • Bones…again, I just feel like I need normal and that show for me gives me a sense of normal

What I plan to watch

I do want to binge watch something, just not sure what yet. I have been wanting to watch Riverdale again or even maybe watch Gotham. I like to binge when I am playing so my games so If I don’t need to focus 100% on the show I can watch it while playing. If I have to focus, the show will have to wait. We want to start something next which will either be the Witcher or American Horror Story since I never saw the first season.

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What are you currently binge watching?

Thanks for stopping by and Have an awesome day!


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14 responses to “#bingewatchersclub ~ At this point all we can do is binge watch.

  1. I’m not the best at binge watching, but I do want to try and get through some movies and shows now that I’m home all the time. I’ve been watching iZombie and I’m on the final season. I’m also almost finished with season 2 of Schitt’s Creek. I’ve watched the first two or three episodes of Locke and Key but never finished. LOL I do love the graphic novels, but that’s a bummer the show wasn’t as enjoyable.


  2. I need to get back to Riverdale, I love the show even if it has gotten kinda dumb. And Tiger King *sputter* WTAF was THAT? lol people warned me it was a train wreck, and… yeah. weren’t lying. 🙂

    Take care and be safe this week!!!

  3. I had mixed feelings about the end of Hill House. I loved parts of it and the bent neck lady still haunts my dreams but there were aspects of it that I really didn’t feel like were answered very well. I thought they had 90% of a really great story but had to scramble for that last 10. We haven’t watched Tiger King because we canceled Netflix right before this happened. I’m kind of glad because I don’t think I would have liked it but I probably would have caved and watched it!

    • I still have no idea why it all happened and why them. Like were did all those ghosts come from. Why didn’t you see them all. What exactly was the story behind the house, it was a character and needs a strong build too. I loved the characters and just wanted a little more to the story. It was a strong character building show and it was so interesting, I just think someplace it sort of just fell apart.

      It was not what I was expecting. I do love true crime documentaries but this was freaking weird.

  4. It’s a great idea binging, but instead I just watch the same old thing instead of trying something new or finishing a series I started! I started Locke and Key but didn’t finish it as like you said kind of boring, started October Faction again didn’t finish it, Started the new season of Sabrina but yep you guessed it didn’t finish it…lol. Instead I just turn on Hallmark Movie and Mysteries and watch it. 🙂

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    • I have been struggling starting new stuff, I am currently binging on TV Paranormal Caught on Camera. I am obsessed with it.
      I want to watch October Faction. I might have to try it. I was thinking about maybe getting back into Supernatural and starting from the beginning. Sort of took a turn in later seasons I didn’t really like, got really unbelievable.

  5. I agree about Locke and Key though I’m only a few episodes in. I started Little Fires Everywhere, I binged three seasons of Murdoch Mysteries, and I have been watching all the cozies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. I may tackle Hunters on Amazon Prime next. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading, lol.

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  6. We’re watching Ozark on Netflix right now. We have also been watching Little Fires Everywhere, The Good Doctor, The Resident, and This Is Us on Hulu. I’m watching Good Trouble on Hulu (it’s a spin off of the Fosters, which I loved). We started Tiger King and made it like 5 minutes before knowing it was not for us! Lol!