Currently I’m….#4

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  • The Lady and the Highlander by Lecia Cornwall


  • Hearthstone on my iPad, it’s actually very fun but really hard. I like the challenge.


  • Spring Fling movies on Hallmark. They are cute, I totally forgot they had them on the weekends.
  • Hoping on Saturday to be watching the Ten Commandments. I love that movie (I just checked IMDB and it is..8pm est)


  • To organize my time, this next couple of weeks might be crazy and I want to be ahead of it so it doesn’t get overwhelming.


  • Easter Dinner, I am really excited about it. Turkey, Raviolis, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Carrots, Easter Pies, Cherry Pie, Mozzarella & Tomato Salad. I am so excited to eat! 🙂


  • Wine…lots of wine


  • a lot around the house to get it ready for the summer. Time to purge.


  • To my daughters softball game this week. I can’t wait.


  • The idea of warmer weather…I am totally over the cold


  • That it’s Monday, I really need a week off.


  • I need to spend more time outside, played ball with my daughter this weekend and had fun teaching her to throw.


  • my new shower head. It’s so lovely 🙂


  • I need to push myself a little more, I seem to hold myself back a lot


  • pretty good and very happy.

Hoping (for)…

  • a break…financially because right now it sucks.

Listening to…

  • Jason Graves – The Order: 1886 (Video Game Soundtrack) it’s actually really good, no idea what the game is but I am loving the music. Awesome for background music.


  • EASTER!!! Looking forward to it!


  • going on a diet and getting myself back to what I was before I had my son. If I can quit smoking I know I can lose some weight. Might even be able to make a post out of it. 🙂


What are you currently?

Have a great day!


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6 responses to “Currently I’m….#4

  1. I’m afraid to go find out what Hearthstone is! Though I do need to head over to Hallmark and check out the Spring Fling movies! I could use some Hallmark movie time in my life. Enjoy your daughter’s games! Hopefully a break will come along soon – along with warmer weather. I don’t enjoy cold either.

    • hearthstone is like a game with cards and you battle. It kind of fun and frustrating. I like it 🙂
      Spring flings are on the weekends. So fun to watch!